BELIZE CITY, BELIZE, March 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (through its Service Operator Crypto Investor, Inc.) advises as follows:

To support the launch of its hackproof CryptoSecure ‘SafeWindow’ product this month, as well as the development of a pipeline of improvements and additional security products, CryptoSecure has partnered with top ICO platform KICKICO to launch its Campaign this morning.

Unlike most ICOs, the CryptoSecure opportunity is supported by fully developed products that will commence to earn revenue as from this month, with further significant upside through its development pipeline.

In all cryptocurrency transactions security of private keys is paramount and privacy is a core driver of the decentralized community. If a private key is hacked the account cryptocurrencies are stolen.

With increasing incidence of private keys, exchanges and ICOs being hacked and the continued growth in the cryptocurrency market sector, private key security, privacy, and trust are critical.

While the CryptoSecure ‘SafeWindow’ product is claimed to be hackproof, it is acknowledged that technically nothing is hackproof, however ‘SafeWindow’ is as hackproof as it gets, as its invisible to cyber criminals if used as directed and responsibly.

The CryptoSecure SaaS product ‘SafeWindow’ cryptocurrency security solution is exclusively licensed, through BankVault (GoPC Pty Ltd), for specific application in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market sectors. (See: Through further license agreement with Key Capital Corporation (OTC Pink: KCPC), Trusted Systems Computing and One Time Pad (OTP) applications will be additionally developed and integrated as CryptoSecure security products. Completion of this development, will provide for a hybrid Trusted blockchain CryptoSecure transactional platform, as well as providing additional security and authority layers to the CryptoSecure ‘SafeWindow’ product. (See:

Using CryptoSecure ‘SafeWindow’ makes you, your IP and geolocation invisible to everyone including hackers. Your cryptocurrency security, as well as your privacy, is assured.

‘SafeWindow’ creates a virtual computer on the user computer screen, and also on the user’s tablet or smart device. These virtual existences are only there for the duration of the cryptocurrency activity or transaction. They cannot be seen by any hacker, authority, or spyware as the interaction is conducted in invisible virtuality. As soon as the activity or transaction is finished, the user closes the virtual windows, and everything vanishes leaving no residual trace of anything on any of the devices used. See how it works at Youtube-CryptoSecure.

“Very simply, if you cannot see it, then you cannot hack it, monitor, or record it”.

As the CryptoSecure platform products commercialize, market and user confidence in the security and integrity of cryptocurrencies will grow, as will trust and peace of mind.


KICKICO is an online blockchain technology-based platform for fundraising in cryptocurrencies. It collected more than 84,000 ETH during its ICO, and was named "ICO of the Year" by BTC CIS AWARDS. Today, KICKICO has a community of 55,000 people, and the KICK Coin is traded on eight exchanges. The platform has launched more than 20 projects, successfully completing their ICOs and raising more than 250,000 ETH in total funds, among them: Micromoney, Hacken, Universa, Playkey, INS. KICKICO also organized Cryptospace Moscow - one of the leading global blockchain and crypto events of 2017, gathering more than 3000 people and 59 top international blockchain and crypto experts.

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