intimate Announces $1.1 Million Investment from Billion-Dollar Digital Currency Fund Alphabit

Alphabit supports intimate’s mission to make the adult industry safer with blockchain technology

LONDON, March 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

intimate (, a cryptocurrency facilitating payments and trust for the adult industry, today announced a $1.1 million investment from Alphabit, a billion-dollar digital currency fund. Alphabit invested in intimate’s ongoing token pre-sale, which has so far raised $5.1 million to provide an open, distributed trust mechanism for all segments of the adult industry including interactive content, delivery, and services.

“Alphabit invests in projects that are solving real-world problems with blockchain technology, and intimate is breaking down barriers to financial services for a traditionally underserved demographic. This is the exact use case crypto has been waiting for,” said Alphabit CEO Liam Robertson.

“Alphabit’s support for intimate’s mission demonstrates that funds see real value in using blockchain to drive social change whilst unlocking new revenue into industries blocked by banks,” said Leah Callon-Butler, Co-Founder of intimate. “Individuals transacting in the adult industry services deserve the same financial services that other industries take for granted.”

By partnering with business operators and entrepreneurs, intimate provides solutions for the institutional biases that lead to denial of services, excessive merchant fees, frozen accounts, and ultimately social exclusion in the adult industry. intimate offers an alternate payment option for workers, suppliers, and customers, providing the same level of trust and security that other industries benefit from.

intimate takes the traditional advantages of blockchain technology a step further by establishing reputation on a distributed ledger. This provides an open platform of trust providing pseudo-anonymous reputation launching with a network of content, interactive content, dating, novelties and love hotel brands worldwide.

intimate’s ITM tokens are currently available in public presale. For more information, please visit

Intimate is a cryptocurrency facilitating payments and trust in the multibillion dollar adult industry, making it safer and more secure for all. Intimate provides an open, distributed trust mechanism for managing payments and reputation across all segments of industry, including interactive content, delivery, and services. For more information, please visit

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