SAN FRANCISCO, March 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- To stay relevant in today’s challenging environment, brands need signature stories: strong narratives that communicate values and vision. In his new book, Creating Signature Stories: Strategic Messaging that Energizes, Persuades and Inspires, Prophet Vice Chairman David Aaker explains how brands can effectively craft and tell stories, and why it is so important.

“Communicating organizational values and brand vision has never mattered more than it does today,” says Aaker, who is also Emeritus Professor of Marketing Strategy at the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. “Internally, employees seek meaning in their professional lives. And externally, customers want to engage with brands they admire, those with a purpose that’s meaningful to them. Strategic messaging through storytelling responds to both those needs.”

People are justifiably skeptical about corporate messaging, which is why stories have more impact than any other form of communication - and the ability to break through content overload. Numerous studies have shown stories are more powerful than facts in grabbing attention, changing perceptions and cementing relationships.

Aaker is available for interviews to discuss ways companies can…

*Craft a “once upon a time” signature story that enhance brands with intriguing, authentic and involving narratives

*Foster a story-savvy culture, empowering the right people and processes to tell these tales, leveraging them for maximum impact

*Learn from brand success stories, including Lifebuoy in India, which turned its narrative about handwashing into the “Help a Child Reach 5” campaign, generating more than 44 million views with its videos

Creating Signature Stories: Strategic Messaging that Energizes, Persuades and Inspires, is scheduled for publication March 6, 2018, from Morgan James Publishing.

To schedule an interview with David, or to receive a review copy of Creating Signature Stories, contact Amanda Nizzere.

About the author: David Aaker is the vice chairman of Prophet, a strategic brand and marketing consultancy. He is the creator of the Aaker Model™ and has published more than 200 articles and 18 books that have sold well over one million copies. Professor Emeritus at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, he received a Ph.D. and M.A. from Stanford University and a B.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Follow his thoughts on brand and marketing issues at

About Prophet: Prophet is a global brand and marketing consultancy that fuses insights, strategy, creativity and imagination to help clients grow better brands and businesses. Prophet uncovers deeper customer insights, builds stronger brand relevance and delivers engaging customer experiences for some of the world’s most successful companies such as HTC, MetLife, AIA, Electrolux, Genting, T-Mobile, GE, UBS, Cisco, ThyssenKrupp AG, Cathay Pacific, BEA, Marriott and Oppo. Their 350+ experts in marketing, innovation, digital and design help companies bridge the gap between strategy and execution to drive real market impact.

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