NEW YORK, March 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The global quality management software (QMS) sales market is witnessing significant growth during the forecast period from 2018 to 2024. The factors driving the global QMS sales market are globalization, and the increasing emphasis on the standards and regulations compliance. Moreover, the increasing focus of organizations on meeting customer demands and enhancing the efficacy of businesses is also making ideal opportunities for the expansion of the QMS sales market. In addition, the rising organizational complexity, numerous product lines, and diversified operations are making the need for quality management software vital for organizations with integrated applicability to their CRM and ERP. Moreover, rising per capita disposable income and surge in the global economy is another key factor which is expected to bring impetus in the growth of the global QMS sales market during the forecast period.

The quality management software is used for improving the quality assurance process and operational visibility of the service and product-driven organizations. Other functions involve like document control, nonconformance, calibration, and complaint handling among others. Quality management software has become the essential utility for and organization’s overall quality control.

The global QMS sales market can be segmented based on the solution, deployment, organization size, and application. The global QMS sales market is segmented on the basis of the solution include calibrating management, complaint handling, CAPA management, employee training, supplier quality management, document control, audit management, change control management, product registration, EH&S management, supplier quality management, non-conformances/corrective & preventative, and others. The audit management segment exhibits the high potential in solution based segmentation. Based on deployment, the global QMS sales market can be bifurcated into on-premise deployment and cloud-based deployment. On-premises segment holds the major share in the global QMS market in 2017. On the basis of organization size, the QMS sales market is segmented into the small and medium enterprise (SME), and large enterprise. Adoption of new solutions across several industries is leading the SME segment. Based on the application, the global QMS sales market can be segmented into healthcare and life sciences, transportation and logistics, consumer goods and retail, defense and aerospace, IT and telecom, and manufacturing.

Geographically, the global QMS sales market can be divided into North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Rest of the World (RoW). Asia-Pacific region is the largest consumer of QMS sales and is estimated to grow at an exponential rate during the forecast period. Countries such as China, Japan, and India are expected to lead the Asia-Pacific QMS sales market. Further, China expected to account for the highest share in the regional demand of QMS sales in years to come. This can be attributed to rapid industrialization and increasing urbanization during the past few years. In the North American and European markets the demand for quality management systems is largely due to the established markets and the adoption of international standards by industries.

Some of the major key players operating in the global QMS market include Aras Corporation, Siemens AG, Autodesk Inc, Dassault Systems, Sparta Systems, Microsoft Corporation, PSC Biotech Corp., HP, Intelex Technologies, Inc., IBM Corporation, IQS Inc., General Electric Company, Plex Systems, Inc., MetricStream, Inc., QUMUS, Arena Solutions, HP, SAP SE, Intelex Technology, ETQ Inc, Master Control Inc., Parasoft Corporation, and Oracle Corporation.

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