LIG Assets and Live Stor Create Live Stor America That Will Build Global Live Seafood Storage, Distribution and Logistics Hubs in USA

NASHVILLE, TN, March 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LIG Assets, Inc. (LIGA) (also known as the "Leader in Green Assets" or "LIGA") announces it has secured an agreement with Live Stor Ltd. of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada to create “Live Stor America” which will develop live seafood storage, collection and distribution hubs for the seafood industry (Live Seafood Hub). Live Stor America will be setting up a million pound live holding system operation in the Portland, Maine area and the Seattle, Washington area to support import and export of live seafood from America, Europe and Asia. LIGA's Live Stor America operation will be based on the new live holding facility technology that is currently under construction at the first facility (Live Stor Sydney), which is located at 440 Keltic Drive in Sydney River, Nova Scotia, Canada.  This is only the beginning of this mutually beneficial relationship with Live Stor & Live Ship, as LIG Assets Chairman, Aric Simons, stated last year, "LIGA is very fortunate to partner with LIVE SHIP, a company that is certain to disrupt the seafood delivery industry and shares our corporate values."

Live Stor is excited to work with LIGA to develop live holding facilities in the USA which will be built using steel framing and magnesium oxide panels to create internal live holding spaces which can be expanded or reduced depending on live seafood seasonal holding requirements. This ability to expand and contract live holding space works perfectly with the BioNovations designed Traystor holding system. Each live seafood product held requires a specific holding temperature to keep the seafood product in a sustainable long-term holding state. LIG Assets CEO Allan Gillis said, "Using this new innovative system of live seafood transport and storage enables live seafood to be kept in as close to its natural environment as possible.  The goal is to create a North American collection and distribution network of live seafood that will be disruptive to the air cargo industry."

The first phase of the Live Stor Sydney facility, after the acquisition of the existing Co-Op Atlantic Distribution Center, was to remediate the eight million pound freezer storage area (50,000 sf) which was completed in August of 2017. Live Stor Sydney is now holding in the freezer section of the building product from some of the largest seafood producers in Atlantic Canada. Space in the building is also rented out for cross docking of frozen foods and two offices have been rented out to a local IT company. Live Stor Sydney has started building a 250,000-pound live lobster holding system designed by BioNovations of Antigonish Nova Scotia. This equipment from BioNovations is called the Traystor Storage Module Systems, which is a new and unique live seafood holding system providing a quality and quantity storage solution. The reduced water and power usage required of the BioNovations Traystor Storage Module System will reduce overhead costs. BioNovations live seafood storage and transport solutions will improve the overall domestic and international supply chain for live seafood.

Once this 250,000 live lobster holding facility is operational in May of 2018 it will act as a base for the Gillis brothers’ other company, which is Live Ship Global Seafood Logistics LTD. Live Ship has a worldwide exclusive agreement with BioNovations of Antigonish Nova Scotia Canada to transport live snow crab and lobster. Live Ship expects to have the first five 53-foot road trailers operational by late 2018 for live seafood transport anywhere in North America and has ordered the first two of a 120 order of forty-foot specialized sea containers for transport of live lobster or snow crab to Europe or Asia by sea via container vessels.

The conditions, timing and location for Live Stor’s enterprise couldn’t be better. The lobster industry in North America has seen catches doubling over the past decade and supply-side is off the charts. Demand for live lobster and crab in Asia is at an all-time high, as is the US demand. The ability of fishers and buyers to rent Live Stor storage space equipped with BioNovations Holding systems offers more control of their product while being able to store and hold until the market value is highest.  Not only does the Live Stor, live holding system provide fishers and buyers a better holding and distribution system than presently exists, it utilizes new industry-changing technology form BioNovations which provides a cost-effective solution to the lack of live seafood storage space for the fishing industry.  It cannot be stressed enough that this enterprise will make Live Stor not only the leader in the live seafood industry, it will forever change the way fishers hold and sell their product while forcing competitors into changing their entire operational and business models to reflect that of Live Stor and Live Ship – a revolutionary and game-changing development. Using BioNovations new Traystor storage system Live Stor expects to be able to accommodate up to thirty different live seafood species which are currently produced worldwide.

Chairman Aric Simons said, "Live Stor America is an important new subsidiary for LIG Assets that is consistent with our sustainability mission and is poised to revolutionize industry standards.  It is important to note the Gillis family has been in the seafood business for over seventy years, with long-lasting industry relationships with seafood companies throughout Eastern Canada, the United States and Asia.  Gillis Seafood has a solid, established and a recognized reputation for supplying quality seafood products to hundreds of restaurants, grocery store chains, and other institutions all over Eastern Canada providing the Company with a significant operational, industry and competitive advantage not just regionally but also worldwide.  With the development of BioNovations patented sustainable and disruptive technology, Live Stor America is in a unique supply and price point position to be an important part of a global seafood distribution network."

BioNovations Traystor® Crate Supply Chain – fresh live seafood logistic solutions from catch to plate:


Stress is the primary cause of poor health and mortality in live seafood, is introduced at each step in the supply chain and is primarily caused by handling and environmental factors such as poor water quality, inadequate temperature control and close proximity to other seafood. By eliminating or minimizing stress from “catch to plate” mortality is significantly reduced, health, taste and freshness are improved dramatically increasing market value and supplier profits.

The BioNovations Traystor® Supply Chain Solution dramatically reduces and in many cases eliminates product stress to improve health and longevity, provides a system for care of product at all points of the supply chain, reduces the total cost of live seafood distribution while increasing market value and profit by delivering a fresh, premium taste experience. BioNovations is currently operating in over 20 countries worldwide supporting a wide range of live seafood. BioNovations has four primary integrated components:Traystor® Live Seafood Holding Systems,Traystor® Crates, Traystor® Live Seafood Distribution Centers and Traystor® Live Seafood Transport Systems

BioNovations unique Traystor® Crate:

  • Fits all BioNovations holding and transport systems
  • One Touch: move crates, not seafood, to reduce handling, shock, and stress
  • Isolates stock, eliminates cannibalism
  • Designed for even oxygenation and water circulation
  • Vertical crate stacking for max payload per square foot
  • Superior inventory management and traceability
  • Interchangeable single cell honeycomb inserts to protect each lobster regardless of size.
  • Patented design can be reconfigured to accommodate a variety of other species.
  • Transparent supply chain
  • Readily accessible through internet
  • Real-time updates along supply chain
  • Improved public safety
  • Increased access to global markets
  • Precise accounts/inventory
  • Increased productivity
  • Quickly accessible
  • Require little space
  • Increased quality control
  • BioNovations Traystor® Live Seafood Transport Systems:
  • Configured for use with BioNovations One Touch™ Traystor® Crate
  • Long distance, multi-climate, land or sea transportation to displace airfreight
  • Engineered for large payload to low water-ratio for cost-effective, safe transport
  • 25,000 lb payload of live seafood in engineered transport trailers (LSTS) and shipping containers (LSCS)
  • Environmental control systems to reduce product stress and extend healthy life-span
  • Tested and proven over distance and time
  • Opens transcontinental and intercontinental supply chain options for fresh live seafood

About Live Ship Ltd., Global Seafood Logistics:

Live Ship is a live seafood logistics transport company located in North Sydney, Nova Scotia that is revolutionizing the way live lobster and snow crab are transported worldwide. Live Ship's system for eliminating or minimizing stress from “catch to plate” reduces mortality, improves health, freshness, and taste, therefore increasing market value and supplier profit. The Company’s proprietary supply chain system developed by BioNovations minimizes product stress to improve health and longevity while providing a system for care of product at all points of the supply chain. This reduces total cost of live seafood distribution and increases market value by delivering a fresh, premium taste experience.

The BioNovations live seafood transport container allows Live Ship the ability to ship seafood over long distances and extended periods of time, both over land and sea. Both of BioNovations transport trailers and ocean faring containers minimize carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, resulting in a much lower carbon footprint than traditional methods such as air freight. Up until now live seafood holding and transport systems came with an inherently high mortality rate. BioNovations systems are specifically designed to provide highly controllable environments and have significantly reduced mortality rates associated with long-term storage and long-haul transport. As a result, the cost of storing and shipping live seafood will greatly reduce the loss of life during transport, thereby maximizing the use of the targeted species and increasing the payload.

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