KEMP, Texas, March 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Larson Electronics LLC, leader in industrial lighting, has released an ultraviolet LED light that is explosion proof and approved for use in paint spray booths, UL1598A wet locations and Class I Divisions 1 & 2 and Class II Divisions 1 & 2 areas.

The EPL-24-1L-GSLED-UVA is a UL listed explosion proof LED light fixture that emits light in the ultraviolet spectrum between the 400nm - 315nm, with a peak wavelength of 365nm. This light is T6 rated for hazardous locations where UV lamps are used for a variety of applications. This fixture combines the effective production of UV light with explosion proof protection and LED technology, to provide operators in hazardous locations with a reliable and durable UV lighting solution. This UV lamp is applicable for leak detection, paint spray booths, ink, coatings, and adhesive curing, non-destructive testing, inspection, and food processing.

The EPL-24-1L-GSLED-UVA is constructed of copper free aluminum alloy and protected by heat and impact resistant Pyrex tubes. The lamp’s reflectors are constructed of corrosion resistant heavy gauge aluminum that has been coated with a high gloss reflective finish. This fixture can operate on voltages ranging from 120V-277V 50/60Hz, and includes adjustable surface mount brackets, but can also be suspended from the ceiling with a pendant mount option if desired.

“UV light with advanced LED technology is going to give you the best possible output for any ultraviolet light application,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC. “We’ve made sure this LED UV lamp can perform in essentially any location including wet environments and explosive worksites, so it can be widely used for non-destructive testing, inspections and food processing, among many other operations.”

About Larson Electronics LLC: Larson Electronics LLC is a manufacturer of industrial lighting equipment and accessories. The company offers an extensive catalog of industry-grade lighting and power distribution products for the following sectors: manufacturing, construction, food processing, oil and gas, military, marine and automobile. Customers can benefit from the company’s hands-on, customized approach to lighting solutions. Larson Electronics provides expedited service for quotes, customer support and shipments.

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