GREENWICH, Conn., March 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tri-State LED, a division of Revolution Lighting Technologies, announced today that it has recently completed an LED retrofit project for Shoreline Pools, the Northeast’s largest pool construction and service company, located in Stamford, Connecticut.  The retrofit of Shoreline Pools’ facilities is a continuation of Tri-State LED’s success as a program contractor within the Energize Connecticut Small Business Energy Advantage Program (SBEA), managed by Eversource. 

The project began with a comprehensive assessment by Tri-State LED to develop the most energy efficient program.  This included the replacement of existing antiquated lighting with Revolution Lighting’s high performance Eco Thin Flat Panel and LED Tube solutions throughout interior and exterior corporate office, warehouse, and construction office facilities.  The retrofit is expected to reduce lighting energy use by more than 60%, while delivering superior light output to ensure safe, high quality working environments for employees.

These benefits, combined with the superior lamp life of Revolution Lighting’s LED solutions, lasting three times longer than conventional fluorescent lighting, and combined with market leading 10-year warranties, will provide significant long-term operational and maintenance cost savings for Shoreline Pools.

“Shoreline Pools is continually looking for new opportunities to positively impact the environment, helping both our customers and our business to reduce its carbon footprint.  Thanks to the experts at Tri-State LED, Shoreline Pools was able to effectively utilize Connecticut’s outstanding small business energy incentive program to install high-efficiency LED lighting, and significantly reduce our facility’s energy use,” said Mark Condon, Director of Office Operations, Shoreline Pools. “Tri-State’s expertise in the field, managing all phases of the LED retrofit project, including scope, budgeting, material selection, project management, and incentive procurement, combined with their constant communication, led to a successful and seamless project experience.”

“We are pleased to continue our success as an SBEA approved contractor, working with great companies like Shoreline Pools to successfully achieve their business goals, reducing operating expenses through energy efficiency, and improving the quality of its work environments,” said Mike Forlivio, Regional Sales Manager, Tri-State LED. “Tri-State LED is much more than delivering products with great ROI. Our commitment to quality and reliability extends beyond our solutions to the service we provide at every point in a project.  In fact, our belief in the power, not only of our lighting products, but our people, is what distinguishes us — it’s why our partners seek us out.”

The completed work for Shoreline Pools marks another successful CT SBEA project, managed by Eversource, supporting the state’s 331,000 small businesses with high efficiency LED lighting retrofit opportunities. As an SBEA Program contractor, Tri-State LED helps small businesses reduce energy costs by identifying and implementing cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities, including lighting, controls, HVAC and motor upgrades, refrigeration controls, and other measures to reduce both electric and gas consumption.  Tri-State promotes education to encourage replacement of existing equipment with high efficiency options to reduce both electric and gas usage.  Project incentives are available that could cover up to 50% of qualified project costs and achieve a payback as low as one year.  Access to on-bill, zero-percent financing through Eversource is also be available for eligible small business program customers.

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Tri-State LED, a division of Revolution Lighting Technologies, is a comprehensive turnkey solutions provider, delivering high performance, high efficiency LED lighting and control solutions to its customers.  Tri-State LED brings together the best products in the market today, directly representing over forty top manufacturers, with an experienced, knowledgeable team to support its customers across a broad spectrum of industries.  This dedication to quality extends beyond its products to the service provided at every point in a project including scope and budget development, material selection, incentive procurement and project management. For additional information, please visit

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