NEW YORK, March 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Madison Logic, the leading global account based marketing (ABM) platform, announced that through its partnership with Bizible, the leading provider of omnichannel every-touch attribution analytics and marketing performance management software, PGi has experienced remarkable ROI. The integration between Madison Logic and Bizible uncovered the direct correlation between ABM marketing and sales conversions that drive growth for the PGi business.

“Attribution is the number one priority for B2B marketers executing an ABM strategy, but it has long been a challenge,” said Tom O’Regan, Madison Logic’s CEO. “Madison Logic’s partnership with Bizible allows our joint customers to understand exactly how their ABM programs are performing to show a clear return on investment.”

“By partnering with Madison Logic, we ultimately prove the value of ABM campaigns for our joint clients,” said Aaron Bird, CEO of Bizible. “Both Madison Logic and Bizible are dominant players in account-based marketing and attribution that work together to define the space and help our customers make better decisions. By leveraging the strengths of the two companies, PGi immediately uncovered the value of their ABM campaigns.” 

The Challenge:

The marketing team at PGi, the world’s largest collaboration software provider, adopted an ABM strategy to increase their impact on the bottom line. To ensure this new strategy was effective, when an opportunity closed and became a customer, PGi wanted to be able to accurately track revenue back to the marketing efforts that made an impact along the journey.

“We had tried lead-based attribution, but it didn’t work,” said Kelly Cooper, Director of Demand Gen for PGi. “This very linear process was problematic because sales reps would open separate opportunities related to other individuals. The ABM marketer knows that today it is about a buying committee versus one person.” Without rigorous changes to their sales processes and significant manual reconciliation on the marketing side, their measurement was incomplete.

The Solution:

Through the integration of Madison Logic’s ActivateABM platform and Bizible’s every-touch attribution, the PGi marketing team discovered that their Madison Logic ABM campaigns generated 16X the opportunity value compared to what previous reporting had shown. Bizible reporting also proved that their Madison Logic investment achieved 350% ROI.

Not only were they able to prove the value of their Madison Logic ABM campaigns, PGI’s marketing team also could make impactful optimizations with this new ROI performance data. PGI now uses full-funnel attribution data to inform decisions, such as how to optimize and where to allocate budgets.

“True account-based, granular attribution is vital,” said Cooper. “So, we are thrilled that Madison Logic and Bizible have teamed to deliver this joint capability to the marketplace.”

This latest partnership represents the next stage of Madison Logic’s integration in the martech stack, building on their recent announcement of marketing automation and CRM integrations, with Marketo and Salesforce respectively, solving the need for full-funnel attribution and visibility into how marketing programs are performing.

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