Crown Baus Announces Acquisition of Cannabia, the World's First Cannabis Alcoholic Beverage; Will Partner With Cannabis Science to Distribute Non-Alcoholic Versions in the United States and Canada

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, March 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Crown Baus Capital Corporation (OTC: CBCA), a global acquisition-based conglomerate, is pleased to announce the Company has acquired a 100% stake in Cannabia®, the world’s first alcoholic cannabis beer. Crown Baus Capital will partner with Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTC: CBIS) to distribute a non-alcoholic version of the crafted beer in Cannabis Science and other Pharmacies in the United States and Canada.

In support of this acquisition and expansion strategy, Cannabis Science is already in the process of moving its European headquarters from Germany to The Netherlands and moving all assets from its joint venture with Dupetit Natural Products GMBH, such as CANNAPOW, and other hemp and cannabis-infused products, to The Netherlands. This will greater suit and facilitate the growth model in Europe for this acquisition and provide the necessary infrastructure to manage supply-chain logistics and new product development.

Cannabia’s® first hemp beverage, a cannabis beer, was launched in March 1996 when Germany officially authorized the cultivation of hemp, the so-called “fiber hemp”. A secret, hand-selected blend of organic barley malt, hops, and hemp give Cannabia® its rich taste and unmistakable hemp aroma. Cannabia® is currently distributed in several European Union countries, as well as in a number of important markets, including Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, and India. Distribution of Cannabia® is expected to expand to new markets soon, with Cannabis Science set to launch Cannabia® products in the United States and Canada.

Cannabía® is brewed in Germany partially as a traditional organic "Pils", a lager beer, and in a second step, a secret special organic hemp. Source water and an organic sugar blend are added before fermentation has ended. This yields a healthy beer and hemp-mixed beverage after several weeks of fermentation and maturation. Other beverages produced include alcohol-free Cannabia (coming soon), Canna Cola (THC-Free), and The 4 Elements® Organic German Premium beer. 

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"The acquisition of Cannabia® is strategically important to the growth strategy of our company and our partners, and more acquisitions are planned to complement our operational growth and maximize profitability so savings can be passed on to our valued self-medicating patients and general public consumers,” stated Mr. Raymond C. Dabney, President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Co-Founder of Crown Baus Capital Corporation. “Cannabia® sales have been growing 15 to 25% per year, and we expect beverage sales to increase substantially as we introduce Cannabia® products into the U.S. and Canadian markets. California alone is the world’s sixth-largest economy with a GDP of $2.5 trillion. This represents a very large market opportunity for our company and for Cannabis Science, who we will partner with to distribute Cannabia® non-alcoholic beverage lines through the CBIS Pharmacies”.

Cannabia® will operate as a subsidiary of Crown Baus Capital Corporation (OTC: CBCA), retaining its original inventor to run the company under the leadership of Crown Baus’ CEO, Mr. Dabney. Mr. Dabney is also the President, CEO, and Co-Founder of Cannabis Science (OTC: CBIS), and is in a unique position to leverage the experience and expertise of both Crown Baus and Cannabis Science to maximize the value of the Cannabia® acquisition for the benefit of the companies’ shareholders and stakeholders.

The Crown Baus and Cannabis Science collaboration also allows CBIS to access CBCA’s capital-raising capabilities to help fund CBIS’ major cannabinoid-based, drug-development initiatives, as well as the acquisition of CBIS Pharmacies in California and throughout the U.S. 

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