Amore Beds Continues to Innovate with the Announcement of Their New Two-Sided Mattress.


Chicago, Illinois, March 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Amore Beds today announced the launch of their new two-sided mattress, the latest in a series of innovations from the respected mattress manufacturer. Sold exclusively via, the new 2-sided mattress is softer on one side and firmer on the other and is perfect for those who just aren't sure what their firmness preference is.  This new 2-sided design is perfect if you want to get the firmness correct the first time around, for those who regularly host guests in their home, or if your sleep preferences change throughout the year. To change the firmness of your sleeping surface, simply flip the mattress over and enjoy!

“The idea for this mattress was born from the desire to further personalize each person’s sleeping experience” notes Todd Summerville, founder of Amore Beds. “Our hybrid mattress solved the issue of two people having different firmness preferences, but what about those who wants to get their ideal firmness right the first time around? Our new 2-sided mattress utilizes proprietary technology that solves this problem with an extremely economical pricepoint.”

Proprietary FusionFlex™ Technology

The new two-sided mattress is expertly crafted and makes use of Amore Beds propriety FusionFlex™ Air-Cell technology. Years in the making, FusionFlex™ is designed to promote correct spinal alignment, no matter the firmness. FusionFlex™ gently supports the contours of your body, reducing shoulder pressure and easing common pain-points without the “hot-spots” that are so common with other mattresses.

Stability Where You Need It Most

With several carefully selected layers, the new two-sided flippable mattress provides outstanding stability, while still offering the personalization of a multi-firmness mattress. The top layer of FusionFlex™ propriety comfort foam seamlessly interacts with a thick layer of hyper-contouring transitioning foam, which offers outstanding support. A highly-resiliant core in the construction acts as a supporting foundation in the middle of the mattress. The mattress has been specifically designed to isolate individual movements, minimizing partner disturbances.

Enhanced Airflow

With unique, air-cell technology, the new flippable mattress allows air to pass through the mattress freely, drawing heat away from your body and out of the mattress. The cellular construction also promotes optimal thermo-regulation, leading to a more comfortable nights’ sleep. The six foam layers are covered with a GOTS certified organic wool blend from New Zealand and an organic-hypoallergenic cotton fabric topper (on both sides), both of which are inherently breathable.  This brings the mattress to an unheard of 10-layers and over 11 inches thick.

The Amore Beds flippable two-sided mattress is competitively priced from $320 for a twin and comes in every standard size, right up to California King. Amore Beds offers a 100-night trial on all their mattresses, free delivery, a 10 to 20-year warranty and 0% APR financing.  For complete information on the new two-sided flippable mattress, visit Amore Beds’ newly redesigned website at


Committed to providing individuals with their best night’s sleep for the rest of their lives, Amore Beds has championed mattress innovation to become one of America’s most respected mattress providers. Operating out of Chicago IL, Amore Beds game changing dual-firmness mattress has been voted best-in-class by consumers across North America and is currently helping thousands to get the sleep they need at a price they love.  With over 60 years combined mattress manufacturing experience and a commitment to quality materials such as organic GOTS wool and copper-ion infused fabric, customers can be assured that they’re sleeping on today’s best.  Amore Beds offers free delivery nationwide, a 100-night trial, 10 to 20-year warranty and 0% APR financing.


A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

Amore Beds new flippable 2-sided mattress is perfect for those who just aren't sure what firmness is right for them.  There is no one universal mattress that fits all, so why not innovate and make a mattress that fits most with one side softer, and the other side firmer?

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