DENVER, March 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Caerus Connections, a blockchain-based recruitment and employment platform, today announced its token generation event (TGE) designed to fund the platform and distribute tokens throughout the community. The TGE will commence on April 1, 2018 and will remain active until April 15, 2018, or until all available tokens are sold.

“We launched Caerus Connections because we believe the recruitment industry is ripe for disruption,” said Morgan Browning, Founder of Caerus Connections and a 15-year veteran of the recruitment industry. “Employers spend too much money and energy on recruiting, and job seekers face a daunting, inefficient process that makes it impossible to stand out from other candidates. Our platform addresses these pain points, using blockchain technology in a safe, streamlined and transparent environment.”

Founded in 2017, Caerus Connections seeks to redefine hiring and job seeking by offering three key benefits: confidentiality for job seekers, direct access for employers and ease for all. A psychometrically valid assessment, the Career Driver Compass, helps pair employee motivators with open positions, and blockchain-based, decentralized applications (dapps) ensure the platform’s data is secure. The result is a system that aims to provide better matches, better hires and tangible savings in cost and time.  

For more information, visit and watch the explainer video on the homepage. Information about the token generation event can be found here

About Caerus Connections

Caerus Connections is a blockchain-based recruitment and employment platform connecting job seekers and employers around the globe through a cryptocurrency subscription. By allowing job candidates and employers to provide comprehensive data, including subjective criteria like workplace motivators, Caerus Connections facilitates better employment matches. Blockchain technology makes the process completely confidential for employers and prospective employees, and the token-based subscription ensures the platform’s network is built on verifiable employment history.

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