TORONTO, March 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OntarioMD is pleased to announce that it has entered into a new partnership agreement with the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) to streamline the delivery of digital health services that provide clinical value to Ontario physician practices and enhance care for their patients.

“Our organizations are building on our successful, award-winning collaboration to engage more family physicians and specialists in the use of digital health services,” said Sarah Hutchison, CEO, OntarioMD. “Using valuable provincial digital health programs such as eConsult, Ontario clinicians are reducing wait times for specialist advice for their patients.” Response to a clinical request is on average two days, resulting in patients receiving the care they need quickly and reducing the anxiety often caused by long wait times. 

“One of the challenges we have in Ontario is linking provincial resources to physician office EMRs,” said Dr. Ed Brown, CEO, OTN. “Our work with OntarioMD will integrate virtual care solutions with provider EMRs and make it easier for them to engage in powerful virtual care applications.”

OntarioMD will support the deployment of an array of OTN’s integrated virtual care tools, such as eConsult and eVisit Primary Care (a pilot connecting patients with their GPs via secure messaging, audio and video) and will provide support to many of OTN’s member physicians using these services. Specifically, OTN will collaborate with OntarioMD on the integration of its eConsult platform with OntarioMD-certified electronic medical records (EMRs) and will leverage OntarioMD’s Health Report Manager (HRM) to deliver patient documentation to EMRs.

"OntarioMD is working with OTN and other provincial delivery partners to streamline digital health delivery by combining privacy, legal agreements, compensation administration, reporting, onboarding and training so that physician practices are more efficient and physicians can focus on patients," stated Hutchison. 

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About OntarioMD
OntarioMD is the leader in primary care digital health in Ontario and is a valuable system partner for other organizations who wish to implement their solutions to the primary care sector. It manages programs and services that connect physician practices that use certified EMRs to more patient data collected outside primary care settings. OntarioMD also supports Ontario’s physicians with practical advice from Peer Leaders and experienced Practice Advisors who help them optimize their EMR use to enhance patient care and achieve greater practice efficiency. The organization offers valuable, fully-accredited educational opportunities for physicians annually at the EMR Every Step Conference series.

Over 15,000 clinicians are participating in OntarioMD services: Health Report Manager (HRM), eNotifications, Provincial eConsult Initiative, OLIS Deployment, EMR Physician Dashboard, Peer Leader Program, EMR Practice Enhancement Program, Privacy Training and Resources. For more information about these services, please visit

About OTN
OTN brings virtual care innovation to the healthcare system so that the people of Ontario can get the care they need when and where they need it most: at home, in their community or in hospital. For more than a decade, OTN has increased access to health care and education across the province with one of the world’s most extensive telemedicine networks. Working with its many partners and leveraging its unique knowledge of health care and digital technology, OTN addresses challenges by introducing and spreading new ways of delivering care that benefit patients, care providers and the healthcare system. An independent, not-for-profit organization, OTN is funded by the Government of Ontario. For more information please visit

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