TidalScale Software-Defined Servers Now Support SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Disruptive technology breaks new ground to run a single instance of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server across multiple industry-standard servers

Campbell, California, UNITED STATES

CAMPBELL, Calif., March 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TidalScale, the leader in Software-Defined Servers, announced today that working in partnership with SUSE, the world’s first provider of Enterprise Linux, TidalScale has achieved SUSE Ready certification to ensure full compatibility with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. TidalScale’s breakthrough scaling platform allows multiple industry standard servers to be combined into a single Software-Defined Server running a single instance of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on a TidalScale Software-Defined Server can take advantage of all the memory, CPUs, storage and networking resources of multiple physical servers, transparently. With TidalScale, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server users can adjust the size of their system to accommodate the resource demands of their application simply by adjusting the number of physical servers attached to the Software-Defined Server – with no modifications to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or the application workload.

“Scaling up to virtually any size, TidalScale Software-Defined Server technology offers users a SUSE platform with a huge linear address space and hundreds of processor cores,” said Frank Rego, Director, ISV Partner Program, SUSE. “This strategy of running at scale with an unmodified version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as well as unmodified applications and data is a powerful new complement to the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server product line.”

TidalScale CEO Gary Smerdon commented, “With Software-Defined Servers, users can focus on getting results faster from their applications and data. Important applications like SAP HANA can now scale their SUSE system to the size they need, and quickly resize it as their needs change. Also, TidalScale Software-Defined Servers offer a simple, flexible and efficient platform for SUSE CaaS Platform, an enterprise container management solution. TidalScale Software-Defined Servers thus combine with SUSE's strengths in performance, scalability, reliability and security to improve everything from traditional applications to containers. We look forward to offering new levels of scalability, for applications such as SAP HANA and container solutions alike, with the new generation of Software-Defined-Servers.”

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