PALO ALTO, Calif., March 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gladly, the company behind the charitable browser extension "Tab for a Cause", today announced:

Users of the charity-funding web app, Tab for a Cause, have now raised over $500,000 for charity through their normal web browsing. 

The astoundingly simple app transforms an often unnoticed daily activity—opening new browser tabs—into a charitable habit. With Tab for a Cause, instead of the default new tab page, users see a beautiful background image, customizable bookmarks and notes, and two small banner ads.

The ads on the new tab page raise money, driving charitable giving to 8 partner charities including, Save the Children, Action against Hunger, and similar globally impactful nonprofits. It is free for the user.

“Tab for a Cause offers an easy solution for people wanting to make a big impact,” said Jamie Cross, Vice President, Corporate Partner Marketing at Conservation International. “We’re proud to be a partner, and beneficiary, in their efforts to engage and inspire action.”

Though it’s effortless to use, the app’s total impact is astounding.’s Water Credit initiative estimates that $12.50 can provide someone a lifetime of access to clean water (LINK). To date, Tab for a Cause has raised about $100k for, which means nearly 8,000 additional people can access clean water due to nothing more than opening new browser tabs.

Co-founder Alex Groth sees a bit of justice in harnessing advertising for good. “It’s no secret that most people hate ads. We’re thrilled that we can direct advertisers’ money toward a cause you care about. It’s a little like Robin Hood meets Mad Men.”

Groth sees a bright future ahead for the app’s users, or “Tabbers”.

“Over the last 6 months, word has started to spread about Tab for a Cause. For the first quarter of 2018, Tabbers are on track to raise more than double what we raised this time last year,” Groth said. “Our goal is to grow the Tabbing community into a charitable force that funds increasingly ambitious and impactful charitable projects.”

With online advertising spend reaching $200B in 2017, there’s a lot of money to go around. Just by surfing the web, Tab for a Cause users are making sure some of it goes toward the causes we care most about.

About Tab for a Cause
Tab for a Cause is a browser app that lets you give to charity just by opening browser tabs. Whether you’re low on time, strapped for cash, or are just starting to flex your inner philanthropist, saving the world is as easy as surfing the web.

About Gladly
Gladly is transforming the Internet experience by turning online advertising into a charitable action. Tab for a Cause -- Gladly's core service -- provides users with an effortless way to help support their favorite causes. With Tab for a Cause, users raise money for charity simply by opening new tabs from their favorite Internet browser. Whether you’re low on time, strapped for cash, or are just starting to flex your inner philanthropist, saving the world is as easy as surfing the web. Founded in 2013, Gladly is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. For more information, visit

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Phone: 1-262-203-1185