AKWA partners with HydroSolution to launch water prevention and leak detection solution

Saint Laurent, Quebec, CANADA

MONTREAL, March 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HydroSolution launched AKWA, the highest performing water prevention and leak detection solution on the market!!

QSG Inc, the master distributor for AKWA, is proud to work with HydroSolution, the market leader in the rental and sale of water heaters in Quebec.  On March 13th 2018, HydroSolution made this announcement at the Journée de l’Assurance de Dommages in Montreal.

AKWA is scalable and evolutive solution that can adapt to any type of building configuration, with or without water tank heaters.  AKWA is designed for real estate and business owners, insurance companies and consumers.  It is the only solution on the marketplace that includes smart probes with directional communication, an essential feature that validates ongoing monitoring and false alarms.  AKWA is designed to close the main water valve BEFORE any leak occurs, with its motion sensors.  AKWA leak detectors can also detect leaks in risk areas such as toilets or sinks, and as soon as a leak is detected (and not just a wet mop touching the probe), an alarm is triggered and the valve is closed automatically to prevent a disaster.  Basically, AKWA is the only system on the market to detect false alarms…  AKWA can also detect water infiltrations from the roof, walls or basements.  When an alert goes off, a SMS message can be sent to your mobile phone once the water main has been shut off.

Pierre-André Paulin, VP Business Development added: ‘…in the end, it is Canadians who are the winners ... Managing a water disaster is a stressful event ... The partnership with HydroSolution will provide an excellent product and a turnkey service unmatched in the marketplace.  Surfing on this strategic distribution agreement, AKWA is now looking to sign distribution partnerships in the rest of Canada and the USA…’

About HydroSolution:
HydroSolution was created by Hydro-Québec in 1958 to promote the use of electricity throughout the province by offering an electric water heater rental service to all Quebecers.  In 2005, HydroSolution became a privately-owned company, but its original purpose remained the same: to offer water heater rentals, sales and installation services. 

About AKWA:
AKWA is a water leak prevention and detection solution designed to bring ease of mind to both insurance companies and real estate owners.  This innovative product is the most complete and versatile technology on the market.  It is ideal for the residential, commercial and industrial marketplaces. 

For more information:
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Pierre-André Paulin, VP Business Development and Marketing
ppaulin@AKWAtek.com, T : 514 241.9769