GlobalWebIndex and Publicis Media Shine Light on Hispanic Audiences

New Hispanic Data Set Unlocks a Wealth of Information About Hispanics, Enabling Marketers and Brands to Create Deeper Connections with the Growing Segment

NEW YORK, March 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new data set made public today by GlobalWebIndex, in partnership with Publicis Media, sets out to improve advertiser, publisher and agency understanding around the online behaviors, cultural preferences, and linguistic choices of Hispanic Americans, who currently comprise 18% of the US population.

This new data expands on GlobalWebIndex’s current platform, offering a deeper and wider breadth of information about Hispanic audiences to help detail consumer profiles and highlight the cultural nuances of an important and often overlooked population segment. This data unlocks a wealth of information linked to cultural preferences and enables brands to truly understand individual identities and influences around day-to-day decision-making. The data can be segmented between linguistic preferences, offering an in-depth understanding of the complexity and nuances between Spanish-speaking Hispanics and bilingual (Spanish and English) Hispanics. Further segmentation by state and region in the US, as well as the country of origin with which specific individuals feel most affiliated, is also now possible.

“This data allows marketers and brands to quantify perception as a source of intent for the Hispanic market for the very first time,” said Jason Mander, Chief Research Officer at GlobalWebIndex. “Targeting Hispanic cultures appropriately has long been a challenge for marketers, but with this data, we can provide insights that can help create, segment and better address the behaviors, attitudes and sentiment of this sector. The benefits of a data set like this are immeasurable.”

“Hispanic population growth continues to be the key driver of GDP and populations are projected to double -- even triple -- in certain markets,” said Tim Jones CEO, Publicis Media, Americas. “This dynamic audience tends to be more appreciative of and loyal to advertised brands. And for advertisers seeking new areas of growth, the Hispanic population presents the most scaled opportunity. Every advertiser in America should have a clear and representative picture of this audience and its powerful influence.”

The data gives advertisers access to insights such as:

  • 60% of Hispanics say that authenticity is one of the qualities they find most appealing in a brand. This peaks among English-first Hispanics.
  • 56% of online Hispanics are Spanish-first or bilingual at home but 78% say they prefer to use their tech devices in English.
  • Spanish-first Hispanics are 3x as likely as English-first Hispanics to feel a connection to their Hispanic heritage via the sports they follow and the TV/movies they watch.
  • Hispanics average three hours online via mobile per day, as opposed to less than two hours (1:55) for non-Hispanics.
  • 80% of Hispanics use Netflix to watch or download TV shows, films, and video content with Bilingual Hispanics scoring the highest figures.
  • Only 24% of Hispanics believe the US economy will improve over the next six months. In contrast, 50% think their personal finances will improve over the same period (compared to 43% of non-Hispanics).
  • Spanish-first Hispanics lead WhatsApp usage with the most visits within the past month (60%), compared to only 16.7% of all Americans in the same time period.
  • 61% of Hispanics say they sometimes use Spanglish (words that are a combination of Spanish and English).

“We are excited to have helped build a resource where data is refreshed on a more frequent basis, can be trended over time, and has the ability to add pertinent data points specific to the Hispanic market,” said Lisa Torres, President of Publicis Media’s Multicultural Practice. “Ultimately, this data helps us provide a more multi-faceted way of presenting an opportunity via deeper insights that are modern and current to advertisers.”

"Our vision is to help every company in the world to truly understand their audience and with the launch of this partnership we are unlocking the potential for brands to connect and build long-term relationships with the Hispanic consumer," said Sebastian Hedencrona, Chief Revenue Officer at GlobalWebIndex.

Looking ahead, Publicis Media is collaborating with GlobalWebIndex to develop improved multicultural data specifically for African-American and Asian audiences.

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Each quarter, GlobalWebIndex surveys 2,500 Hispanic and 1,250 non-Hispanic internet users – giving annual sample sizes of 10,000 Hispanics and 5,000 non-Hispanics. Respondents complete an online survey, which asks a wide range of questions about their lives, lifestyles and digital behaviors, and GlobalWebIndex sets quotas on age, gender and educational attainment to ensure that the data is representative of the online US population aged 16-64.

The data allows Hispanics to be compared against the total US population, and can also be segmented by language preferences – allowing comparisons between Hispanics who identify as Spanish-Only, Spanish-Mainly, Bilingual, English-Mainly or English-Only. Note that in the data presented in this infographic, Spanish-Only and Spanish-Mainly groups are combined together as “Spanish-first”, while English-Mainly and English-Only groups are combined as “English-first”.

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