OptDyn™ Announces Subutai™ Blockchain Router v2.0 Enters Production

Power-efficient “green” broadband Cloud router and open hardware IoT gateway serves as a plug-and-play cryptocurrency wallet and mining device

Brentwood, New York, UNITED STATES

Hong Kong, SAR, CHINA, March 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OptDyn™, makers of Subutai™, the world’s first intelligent Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Cloud computing platform, announced today at the Linaro Connect conference that the industrial-grade edition of the Subutai™ Blockchain Router has entered production in partnership with LSI-TEC (Laboratório de Sistemas Integráveis Tecnológico) in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Subutai Blockchain Router v2.0 is a broadband Cloud router and open hardware IoT gateway. As a Subutai appliance, the router comes preinstalled with Subutai's PeerOS tuned and hardware accelerated. As with the standalone Subutai PeerOS software, the Blockchain Router can register computers with the Subutai Bazaar to allow users to share, and rent their idle compute resources.

"The future of Cloud and IoT/fog computing must adapt to connect people, devices, and their networks together optimally, securely, and dynamically," said Jon “maddog” Hall, CEO of OptDyn. "We are proud to deliver on that promise by realizing our vision for the Subutai Blockchain Router, which has been four years in the making."

Both the industrial and residential editions of the Subutai Blockchain Router offer advanced P2P cloud router and IoT gateway functions using the world’s most powerful SoC (system-on-chip), the Xilinx® Zynq UltraScale+™ MPSoC, packed with four 64-bit cores with up to 16GB of DDR4 RAM capacity.

The Blockchain Router's residential configuration serves as a power-efficient, "green" plug-and-play cryptocurrency mining device and wallet that allows users to easily enter the cryptocurrency economy. Using just 18-watts, the Subutai Blockchain Router is eco-friendly and cost-effective —a critically important consideration in today's energy-aware environment.

The industrial configuration that just entered production, is intended for mission-critical IoT applications. It uses higher grade temperature resistant chips that operate between -40°C and 100°C. Rather than mine cryptocurrency, the programmable logic is dedicated to critical IoT security operations. The Blockchain Router’s hardware based IoT security subsystem combined with its interoperability with PMOD, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi shields has brought it to the forefront of Brazil's national IoT standards, as the high-end IoT gateway of the Caninos Loucos project.

"We’re really excited about the Subutai Blockchain Router and its industrial configuration with its mission critical security subsystems," said Dr. Marcelo Zuffo, who spearheads the project at the University of São Paulo, and leads the national IoT effort for Brazil. "The Subutai Blockchain Router, as a secure IoT gateway, has the ability to enable everything from Industry 4.0 to Smart Cities in Brazil. We're very excited to complete this last part of the puzzle thanks our collaboration with OptDyn, Inc."

Chip maker ARM Holdings announced in October 2017 their IoT Platform Security Architecture, which serves as a guidance with recommended security primitives (the simplest elements available in a programming language). It goes a long way towards addressing IoT security issues, yet leaves much to be implemented. OptDyn's hardware security framework for mission critical IoT systems complements these primitives and proposes concrete mechanisms for hardware-based real time intrusion detection and prevention systems demanded by IoT gateways such as the Subutai Blockchain Router [see the Subutai white paper on Mission Critical IoT Hardware Security Architecture for industrial grade IoT applications https://subutai.io/Hardware-Security-Framework.pdf ]

"Mission critical IoT systems don't have the option of learning from failures where lives and property are at stake," said Professor Miguel Matrakas, manager of Celtab, one of the Research Centers of the Itaipu Technological Park (PTI; a foundation responsible for promoting scientific, technological and innovation development linked to Itaipu Binacional, the largest clean energy generator in the world), who surveyed the Subutai Blockchain Router v1.0 at Latinoware with Hall and OptDyn CTO and Founder Alex Karasulu. "The Subutai Blockchain Router and its industrial configuration provide the crucial hardware security infrastructure needed for IoT applications in the utility sector."

"We’re impressed with the innovation and level of performance possible for numerous Smart City IoT projects using the Subutai Blockchain Router," said Bruno Freitas, Head of the Innovation Unit for the State of São Paulo, Brazil. "The benefits of using this technology —which is being manufactured in São Paulo as part of the Brazilian national IoT program— are apparent. We look forward to considering the Subutai Blockchain Router as a viable option to meet the demands for IoT projects that build an intelligent and prosperous state and cities."

Residential Edition: Surpassing performance with eco-friendliness in mind

Equally important, the Subutai Blockchain Router residential edition is intended to prevent needless damage to the environment by eliminating the use of GPU based miners by the masses. The idea for the Blockchain Router came to Karasulu, who worried about the dangerous impact mass mining with inefficient GPUs would have on the ecology. "Thankfully for the environment only a small minute fraction of the world's population is mining," he said. "Can you imagine the strain on the power grid and the ecological impact that even 5% of the population would have when they start mining for cryptocurrency?"

At a hash rate (the speed at which a compute completes an operation in the mining process) of 21MH/s and a draw of only 18-watts, the environmentally-friendly Blockchain Router can mine up to $40-45 USD worth of Ether per month at current exchange rates. The Subutai Blockchain Router makes mining accessible to the masses of ISP subscribers without requiring the technical knowhow to build miners of their own. More importantly, it does so with 1,083% more efficiency than power hungry video card (GPU) based miners to protect the environment.

"With the proper FPGA design, custom hash generating cores in the SoC can calculate hashes faster with fewer clock cycles and require much less power than using software running on mainboard CPUs or GPUs in graphics cards," said Tomas Evensen, CTO Embedded Software at Xilinx. "We're excited to see the Subutai Blockchain Router use our FPGAs for the consensus layer of distributed ledger technologies —while also protecting the environment."

Full specifications of the Subutai Blockchain Router are available at https://subutai.io/router.html

Subutai™ Blockchain Router is currently in production with an anticipated delivery for Q3 2018. Those interested in retail or wholesale offerings may sign up for product updates by sending email to info(at)optdyn(dot)com.

The Subutai Blockchain Router is based on an open architecture with a FOSSH design available at GitHub https://github.com/subutai-io/blockchain-router

About Subutai™
Subutai, the world's first intelligent Peer-to-Peer Cloud computing platform, opens the $760+B Cloud and Internet-of-Things ecosystem through decentralized, self-adaptive, and cost efficient infrastructure that connects end users and devices more effectively along the continuum. Developed by Open Source trailblazers, Subutai disrupts and democratizes the Cloud, allowing users to easily participate in the crypto economy through energy-efficient cryptocurrency mining and frictionless commoditization of idle computing resources. Businesses using Subutai can instantly raise and operate a sharing economy for countless applications using KHAN™, its Ethereum blockchain reserve currency token. Subutai is being deployed across the $1.5T global telecommunications and $60B Web Hosting/ISP markets, among many other industries. Visit https://subutai.io/ and https://twitter.com/Subutai_KHAN for more information.

About OptDyn, Inc.
Founded in 2013, OptDyn is the company behind Subutai™, the intelligent platform that brings Open Source Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and cryptocurrency mining for everyone. Unlike many companies whose promises lack a working product backing their claims, Subutai is proven, mature (v6.0), solves real-world problems, and is ready to use today. OptDyn is based in the United States with distributed teams in Europe, Asia, and South America. For more information, visit https://optdyn.com/ and https://twitter.com/optdyn .

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