Pittsburgh, PA, March 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Steel River Marketing, a small privately-owned brand marketing and management firm, is launching a paid internship program. This program will focus on students learning marketing strategies, event promotions, and human resources.

Starting in May, interns will learn the day-to-day operations behind launching a successful business and the means necessary to take on higher roles within a company. Each intern will spend time at Steel River Marketing’s field locations and within the office to get the best possible understanding of business. Each intern will have the opportunity of preforming managerial tasks including, profit vs. loss statements, public speaking and interviewing.

Along with the managerial training, growth for each intern in the company will be a priority. Each intern will be working side by side with Steel River’s HR Administrators, Director of Operations, and the President of the company. Sales, marketing, and public relations are all aspects which interns can bring fresh ideas to the Steel River Team. The skills interns will learn are invaluable for their future.

Steel River Marketing is going to give their interns an opportunity which cannot be found anywhere else. Interns can grow within and obtain a full-time role if their work is adequate during the internship. Steel River is currently accepting applications and has already started the hiring process. To apply, send a copy of your resume to hr@steelrivermarketing.com.

Steel River Marketing
400 Holiday Drive Ste 210 Pittsburgh, PA 15220