KITCHENER, Ontario, March 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vidyard, the leading video platform for business, today unveiled its latest product enhancements to help marketing, sales and customer support teams drive greater engagement through highly personalized video experiences. With its Spring 2018 update, Vidyard has expanded its Personalized Video solution to support personalized audio tracks as well as real-time personalization of video content to help marketing teams enhance website experiences and increase online conversion rates. Vidyard has also enhanced Vidyard GoVideo, its flagship video messaging app for sales and customer support, with Outlook and Zendesk integrations as well as a new reporting dashboard to track the adoption and impact of video across customer-facing teams.

"At a time when all of us are over-saturated with automated text-based communications, video is standing out as the best way to connect with customers and to build more personal relationships," says Michael Litt, Co-Founder and CEO of Vidyard. "New types of video experiences, including Personalized Video and one-to-one video messaging, are taking this to the next level and helping our customers boost engagement rates and shorten deal cycles. We're now making it easier than ever to deliver these personalized video experiences across web, inbound and outbound marketing programs, direct sales and customer support teams."

New capabilities launched by Vidyard today include:

  • Enhancements to its Personalized Video solution to support dynamic, real-time personalization of video content on websites and landing pages as well as expanded support for audio personalization
  • Enhancements to its Vidyard GoVideo one-to-one video messaging app including new product capabilities and native integrations with Outlook and Zendesk
  • New Analytics and Reporting packages to help marketing and sales teams track the ROI of its video and the impact of one-to-one video messaging on its sales natively within Salesforce

New Personalized Video Capabilities Help Marketers Boost Conversion Rates

With personalized video, leading B2B, B2C and not-for-profit brands are already reaching new heights in customer engagement by literally bringing their viewers into the story. More than just a creative way to stand out, it's helping them boost click-through and conversion rates on key outbound marketing campaigns and email nurture programs.

"People are always expecting a sales pitch, so we don't try to be a wolf in a sheep's clothing," says Aisha Ghuman, Director of Marketing and Field Enablement at Quorum. "Our holiday video was just that. A genuine thank you to our customers from Quorum. We're a fun company and we let that shine through by showcasing our culture. And by leveraging personalized video from Vidyard, we saw a 93.5% click-to-open rate, with more than 80% of recipients watching all the way to the very end. We've never seen this type of engagement before! I truly believe people buy from people, and from that moment we went from a company they do business with, to real people – fun people – they work with."

With added support for audio personalization, marketers can now deliver even more immersive video experiences that drive higher engagement by combining both visual and audible elements that are automatically personalized for individual viewers. And with Vidyard's new real-time personalized video technology, marketers can surprise and delight website visitors with video content that is dynamically rendered with unique information such as their name, company name, company logo, industry and more. Personalized thumbnail images are also generated on-the-fly to ensure the videos stand out and garner the attention of website visitors.

"Real-time personalized video opens up exciting new opportunities for how digital marketers engage online audiences in creative, personalized and highly memorable ways," says Tyler Lessard, Vice President of Marketing at Vidyard. "It's not just a unique and interesting content experience, it's a highly effective way to reduce bounce rates, increase time-on-page, boost engagement in key messages and ultimately drive higher conversion rates across your website and on key landing pages."

See real-time personalized video in action:

Vidyard Puts 1:1 Video Messaging at the Fingertips of Sales and Support

With its Spring 2018 release, Vidyard is making it even easier to share one-to-one video messages and screen capture videos thanks to new integrations for its Vidyard GoVideo app. Sales and customer support reps can now easily capture and share custom videos from within Microsoft Outlook and Zendesk Support, in addition to the other apps already supported today including Gmail, Google Chrome, SalesLoft, Drift, and MixMax.

Vidyard GoVideo offers customer-facing teams a simple yet powerful way to add one-to-one video messaging and screen capture videos to their everyday workflows and customer communications. Leading B2B sales teams are using the app today to stand out with prospects and boost response rates by 300% or higher. In addition to the new integrations, Vidyard has also added support for offline video capture to ensure video recordings can still be made even if the WiFi connectivity is interrupted.

New Reporting Packages Offer Insight into Video Effectiveness and ROI

As marketing and sales teams expand their use of video content there is greater need to evaluate its effectiveness and to understand how the use of video is influencing new pipeline development, closed revenue and more. To help businesses gather insights such as these and to better understand the true ROI of video, Vidyard has introduced a new analytics and reporting package as part of its Vidyard for Salesforce integration.

The new package includes pre-built dashboards for both sales and marketing audiences. For sales teams, managers will have access to pre-built Salesforce reports that display the number of videos sent by each rep, how much pipeline and revenue has been influenced by video content, and more. These reports will help sales leaders understand how video is being used by their team members and what type of impact it is having on rep productivity and effectiveness. Similarly, the new marketing dashboard gives marketing teams pre-built Salesforce reports with insight into how each video they are publishing is performing and how it is influencing sales pipeline and revenue. With insights like these, marketers can more easily understand which videos are having the greatest impact on revenue, so they can continuously optimize performance.

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