ForgeRock Partners with Trusona to Bring #NoPasswords Authentication to Global Organizations and Their Customers

Integration Introduces Frictionless Login to Improve Customer Experience and Increase Security


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trusona, the global leader in #NoPasswords identity authentication, today announced that it has joined the ForgeRock Trust Network as a Principal technology partner. The company’s authentication technology now integrates seamlessly with ForgeRock’s identity management platform to enable companies to eliminate passwords and create a more convenient, secure authentication experience at scale for consumers.

Trusona integrates with the ForgeRock Identity Platform to eliminate the need for usernames and passwords making authentication both more convenient and more secure at scale. As simple to use as snapping a picture, Trusona’s solution is embedded directly (as an SDK) into an organization's application and enables frictionless authentication of digital consumers across any channel for any type of industry including financial services, healthcare, higher education and media.

“As companies look to protect digital identities and consolidate customer data to personalize digital experiences, that 'first mile' of authentication – creating a consistent, convenient experience regardless of channel – remains a challenge,” said Ben Goodman, vice president of global strategy and innovation at ForgeRock. “Our integration with Trusona enables joint customers to create that unified experience at scale without passwords, increasing customer engagement and brand loyalty while maintaining their security and privacy.”

“The experience of using passwords to log in is inconsistent, insecure and down-right frustrating for end users. Trusona uniquely solves this challenge, enabling companies to create a delightful, secure experience in order for clients to access the services they need quickly and easily,” said Dave Victorson, vice president of channel sales and business development, Trusona. “We’re partnering with ForgeRock to bring the #NoPasswords experience to organizations worldwide. The Trusona solution streamlines how companies engage with consumers leading to higher customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and in turn greater revenue.”

Trusona will participate in the ForgeRock Identity Live events in Austin, Texas (May 2-3, 2018) and London, UK (October 2018). For more information about ForgeRock and other Trusona partnerships, please visit:

About Trusona
Trusona is the global leader in identity authentication ensuring the True Persona behind every digital interaction. By eliminating all static credentials, authentication becomes frictionless while thwarting the rise of cybercrime perpetrated through static credential replay. Trusona offers a #NoPasswords identity authentication solution for logins and identity proofing. Trusona is leading the #NoPasswords Revolution where there are no passwords to be created, remembered, stolen, or compromised – ensuring people are who they say they are and no one else can. Trusona was founded in 2015 by CEO and cybersecurity expert Ori Eisen and is funded by Kleiner Perkins, Microsoft Ventures, Seven Peaks Ventures, and 2M. For more information, visit

About ForgeRock
ForgeRock is the digital identity management company transforming the way organizations interact securely with customers, employees, devices, and things. Organizations adopt the ForgeRock Identity Platform as their digital identity system of record to monetize customer relationships, address stringent regulations for privacy and consent (GDPR, HIPAA, FCC privacy, etc.), and leverage the internet of things. ForgeRock serves hundreds of brands, including Morningstar, Vodafone, GEICO, Toyota, TomTom, and Pearson, as well as governments like Norway, Canada, and Belgium, securing billions of identities worldwide. ForgeRock has offices across Europe, the USA, and Asia. For more information, visit