New York, March 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Finbridge intends to provide lower cost capital to alternative lenders operating & transacting in merchant cash advance (MCA) and other short-term micro financing environments. The market is currently estimated at $30-$60 billion with $120 billion underserved. Finbridge Holdings' funding model provides ISOs with variable financing opportunities from $250,000 to $5,000,000. Currently, lower to mid tier Independent Sales Organizations (ISO’s) are predominantly funded by private equity.

FinBridge intends to restructure and lead the funding to funders’ sector. Our primary focus will be on those specializing on the Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SMB’s) lending channels. We will look to transform ISOs’ lending by making it efficient and convenient for ISOs’ to access on demand capital at lower rates. FBH technology and data science tracks ISO funding and credit facilities as well as the ISO’s customer acquisitions, sales, scoring, underwriting, funding, and servicing and collections. FBH has capabilities to assess the creditworthiness of targeted ISO’s and equally important their debtors, rapidly and accurately. Proprietary technology and analytics will aggregate and analyze thousands of data points from dynamic, disparate data sources, and the relationships among those attributes.

“We believe that the FBH model enables investors to earn attractive risk mitigated returns. FBH provides a more direct, low cost access to the MCA space as an investment asset class. Investors will include both individuals and institutions. We believe that diversity of our investor base will allow us to rely on more predictable funding sources with a wide range of investment strategies and risk appetite, which helps us facilitate a wide range of loans.” Said Alex Lemberg, FinBridge Holdings Corp. President

FinBridge is headquartered in New York, New York, was incorporated in 2017 and began operations in 2017

“We are very pleased launch Fin Bridge Holdings. The lower cost capital will enable emerging leaders in the Merchant Cash Advance sector to offer longer term and lower cost capital to small and non-bankable business owners.   We anticipate this model to add much needed transparency, compliance, efficiencies and ultimately a very much needed sustainable channels for Small Business Funding funding”.  Said Eric Kuvykin, Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. President.

Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. ( ATHC) is a full-service end to end business solution and technology company that specializes in cloud based disruptive technologies. The Company provides consulting and enterprise level technology services. In addition, ATHC is involved in developing its own disruptive technology products in the sectors of artificial social realities, short term alternative funding platforms, electronic payment solutions and Blockchain technologies focused on social engagement, sports, entertainment and content creation.

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