ReadyReturns & UPS™ Customer Technology Program (CTP) Making it a Reality for E-Tailers Who Want to Offer Hassle-Free Returns

NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES and PHOENIX, March 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ReadyCloud CRM ( is pleased to announce that their automated online product returns software, ReadyReturns®, is part of the UPS™ Customer Technology Program (CTP). Qualifying retailers could get ReadyReturns added to their website for up to three years at full or partially subsidized pricing, if they qualify for the UPS CTP.

ReadyReturns lets any online retailer offer “Amazon-Like” returns. It’s compatible with the most popular online shopping cart services and web hosts with no coding required. Now retailers can offer fully automated returns for their customers, giving them the ability to quickly process a return from any internet-enabled device in less than 60 seconds.

Users can set custom rules for ReadyReturns via the administrative panel, determining things like return-by dates, return shipping/restocking fees, ineligible return items and more. The software also allows consumers to add images—such as a scanned receipt or a defective product—and enter in a reason for the return. The customizable interface in ReadyReturns makes it seamless to any store, with options for custom CSS and color themes to match any existing brand guide.

In a typical return scenario with ReadyReturns, a consumer revisits the online store where they made their original purchase and enters their invoice or order number to begin processing a return. The software then allows them to select the product/s they are returning, define the reason for the return and even attach an image or scanned receipt if necessary. In under a minute, the user can generate a prepaid UPS return shipping label and is also notified of the nearest USP drop-off location via Google Maps.

“Studies have found that more than 50% of shoppers want an easier way to return products they buy online and 86% want a return shipping label provided by the retailer,” explains Michael Lazar, Executive Director of Marketing at ReadyCloud. “ReadyReturns bridges this gap by making online returns truly hassle-free for the consumer.”

Interested retailers can sign-up for a complimentary trial of ReadyReturns today, and can also learn more about the UPS CTP subsidy, by visiting:

Contact ReadyCloud directly at: (877) 818-7447. Or visit:

About ReadyCloud

#ReadyCloud is rocket fuel for customer loyalty and sales in today’s ecommerce jungle. This cross-channel #CRM solution tethers the most popular online sales channels and marketing integrations under one umbrella. It creates instant customer profiles from multichannel ecommerce activity—giving online retailers a way to create meaningful, lasting relationships with customers.

ReadyCloud starts with CRM, and can be further expanded with premium plugins like ReadyShipper, a hybrid-cloud shipping software solution, and ReadyReturns, an automated online product returns solution.

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About ReadyReturns

#ReadyReturns is a product of ReadyCloud, LLC. ReadyReturns adds “Amazon-Like” returns to the pages of virtually any website. Hassle-free returns improve customer confidence and deliver second-chance sales opportunities by bringing consumers back to the site where they made their original purchase.

ReadyCloud CRM is a suite of products developed for e-retailers. This includes: CRM built for ecommerce; ReadyShipper for fast and efficient product fulfillment; and ReadyReturns to manage the product return process and improve customer service.