RGS Energy Completes Realignment of Solar Division and Announces Capital Raise for Commercialization of Next Generation POWERHOUSE™ 3.0

Denver, Colorado, UNITED STATES

DENVER, April 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RGS Energy (NASDAQ:RGSE), America’s Original Solar Company® since 1978, has realigned its operations to best serve the company’s customers, including traditional solar and POWERHOUSE™ in-roof shingle customers.

POWERHOUSE™ 3.0 is a next-generation, innovative and visually stunning solar shingle system using technology developed by The Dow Chemical Company. The revolutionary roofing product combines the protection of a conventional asphalt roof with an integrated photovoltaic (PV) system that provides power to the home.

POWERHOUSE™ is ideally-suited for homeowners looking to replace their roofs, whether because of age or damage. It is also an ideal solution for newly constructed homes that must meet certain efficiency standards, such as California’s 2017 Title 24 regulations. RGS estimates the addressable market for its product in the U.S. alone is approximately 7 million homes each year.

Operational Realignment

“Since securing our exclusive worldwide license for POWERHOUSE™ last October, our belief in the size of the market opportunity and potential for substantially growing shareholder value has strengthened,” said RGS Energy CEO, Dennis Lacey. “Over the last six months, we have secured relationships with supply chain partners, engaged with professional roofing contractors, commenced the UL certification process, and initiated our marketing plan. Now more than ever, we believe POWERHOUSE™ represents a major game-changer for RGS, and the time has come to realign our organization and focus on this opportunity.”    

In the same way RGS spearheaded the emergence of the solar industry in the late 1970s, RGS plans to lead again with POWERHOUSE™. The realignment is a timely strategic shift in the company’s primary focus from traditional residential solar — an increasingly commoditized and competitive business — to a new emerging market with POWERHOUSE™, a unique, value-add solar solution. RGS will continue to serve its traditional solar markets.

The strategic realignment has scaled back the company’s residential solar homeowner business. While RGS has made progress in growing solar sales and backlog, growth has not met initial company expectations. The realignment reduced the number of outside sales personnel. RGS plans to maintain the areas of core competencies meeting expectations, such as its e-sales call center and commercial sales organization. 

“For us, POWERHOUSE™ not only represents a significant change in product mix, but also how we go to market,” said Lacey. “We can now leverage more cost effective and operationally efficient business-to-business sales channels. Further, with its advanced, patented intellectual property and lower manufacturing costs than prior generations, POWERHOUSE™ 3.0 will be a major market differentiator for RGS, creating favorable high competitive barriers to entry that we’ve never enjoyed with our traditional solar business.”

According to Alan Fine, RGS Energy’s chief financial officer and treasurer: “As we advance toward the UL certification of POWERHOUSE™ 3.0 and initial sales, we believe this realignment of the Residential and Sunetric operations will reduce cash spend, which we estimate to be a 30% reduction in operating costs below the gross profit line. This will allow us to allocate more financial and human resources towards the launch of POWERHOUSE™.”

The company does not believe the costs to implement the operational realignment will be material to its operations or financial condition.

Capital Raise to Commercialize POWERHOUSE™

“Our hope is with this press release, we successfully connect the dots for our shareholders, from our business prospects and strategies to our expectations for increased shareholder value,” said Lacey. “We first have to raise the necessary additional capital to commercialize POWERHOUSE™ 3.0 to be in a position to realize future profits from this new product. Yes, that includes the issuance of additional shares, now and in the future upon conversion of convertible notes and exercise of common stock warrants. We believe the ultimate outcome will be accretion of shareholder value from this offering.  We have included financial tables to demonstrate mathematically why we believe accretion will occur. We, of course, recognize it will take several years to enjoy a desirable share of the addressable market for POWERHOUSE™; however, the more capital we have, the faster we can pursue market share.” 

RGS has entered into agreements with institutional investors for up to a $10 million offering of convertible notes and warrant; see “Terms of Today’s Capital Raise,” below.

Assuming receipt of the full $10 million of capital for commercialization of POWERHOUSE™ 3.0, presented below are hypothetical examples of earnings per share at varying degrees of future market share in succeeding years, ranging from a low of one-quarter of one percent of the addressable market to a full one percent of the addressable market.

Market share of addressable market:One Quarter of
One Percent
One Half of
One Percent
One Percent
POWERHOUSE™ annual revenue$250,000,000  $500,000,000  $1,000,000,000  
Hypothetical gross profit percentage 20% 20% 20%
POWERHOUSE™ gross profit 50,000,000   100,000,000   200,000,000  
POWERHOUSE™ segment expenses (5% of revenue) (12,500,000) (25,000,000) (50,000,000)
POWERHOUSE™ license fee (2.5% of revenue) (6,250,000) (12,500,000) (25,000,000)
Contribution from Residential & Sunetric segments 0   0   0  
Corporate segment expenses (current run rate) (8,000,000) (8,000,000) (8,000,000)
Pre-tax income 23,250,000   54,500,000   117,000,000  
Taxes @ 25% (5,812,500) (13,625,000) (29,250,000)
Hypothetical net income$17,437,500  $40,875,000  $87,750,000  
Hypothetical Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding:   
Shares outstanding today 10,351,845   10,351,845   10,351,845  
Approximate outstanding common stock warrants issued prior to today 7,494,381   7,494,381  7,494,381 
Estimated shares to be issued under new convertible notes at initial conversion price and exercise price 19,300,000  19,300,000  19,300,000 
Employee stock options  1,352,536  1,352,536  1,352,536 
Fully diluted shares outstanding 38,498,762   38,498,762  38,498,762 
Hypothetical EPS$0.45  $1.06  $2.28  
Hypothetical Maximum Cash from exercise of common stock warrants: 
Potential maximum cash resulting from the future exercise of warrants issued before today$19,200,000   
Potential maximum cash resulting from the exercise of warrants issued today 11,200,000   
Potential maximum cash resulting from the future exercise of all warrants outstanding today$30,400,000   

The tables above are not a forecast or a projection but a mathematical demonstration of financial information arising from different future hypothetical levels of market penetration of the annual reroof market and ultimate Class A shares issued from the convertible debt offering:

  • The POWERHOUSE™ gross profit percentage and operating expense percentage are hypothetical; however, RGS believes the percentages are achievable. 
  • The demonstration assumes no operating contribution from the company’s Residential and Sunetric segments, however its corporate segment expenses continue to be incurred.
  • The hypothetical maximum cash from exercise of common stock warrants is the mathematical result of the number of warrant shares times the respective exercise price per share. The hypothetical results are premised upon an increase in the future trading value of the company’s stock resulting in the exercise of common stock warrants. Further, it assumes all investors elect cash exercises (not cashless exercised) and warrant exercise prices are not reduced or reset to a lower amount. The majority of common stock warrants have exercise prices at or below $3.10 per share.

Terms of Capital Raise

RGS Energy has entered into purchase agreements with institutional investors under which the company will sell, subject to customary closing conditions, (i) $10.75 million in principal amount and $10 million funding amount (reflecting an original issue discount of $750,000; an additional $750,000 of original issue discount may accrue under the notes as additional interest) of convertible notes, and (ii) Series Q warrants to purchase 9,270,457 shares of common stock at an exercise price of $1.12 per share. After closing, investors can elect over the next 12 months to convert the notes to shares of common stock at an initial conversion price of $1.2405 per share. The prior closing price of RGS Energy’s common stock was $0.97. Subject to certain conditions, RGS can elect to (i) force convert 100% of the notes if its stock is trading at above $2.481 and (ii) repurchase debt for cash at 125% of face amount.

RGS will receive $5 million of gross proceeds at closing, and promissory notes from the investors for the remaining $5 million of gross proceeds. The investors can elect to prepay the promissory notes at any time. The investors are required to prepay the promissory notes upon the occurrence of certain prepayment events if prescribed equity conditions are met, which include obtaining shareholder approval for the issuance of shares of common stock upon conversion of the notes and exercise of the Series Q warrants at conversion and exercise prices below the market price of our common stock at the time of entering into the transaction documents.

The terms of the transaction, including the terms of the notes and the warrants, are described in the Current Report on Form 8-K filed by RGS Energy today.

“Our objective with the capital raise was of course to become fully funded for commercialization of POWERHOUSE™, but also to select the financing vehicle that minimizes dilution,” said RGS Energy’s CFO, Alan Fine. “Not only is this transaction above market, as the closing price yesterday was $0.97, we believe it will be less dilutive than if we had closed today on a discounted common stock with warrants offering.”

WestPark Capital, Inc. acted as the exclusive placement agent in the offering.

RGS Energy 2017 Annual Report on Form 10-K and Year End Conference Call

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RGS Energy (Nasdaq:RGSE) is America’s Original Solar Company providing solar, storage and energy services whose mission is clean energy savings. The company is the exclusive manufacturer of POWERHOUSE™, an innovative in-roof solar shingle using technology developed by The Dow Chemical Company. RGS Energy also sells, designs and installs solar systems for residential homeowners, commercial businesses, non-profit organizations and government entities. 

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