Advantis Corp. Moves Forward With Pet Division

NEWPORT BEACH, CA , April 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ADVANTIS CORPORATION (OTC PINK: ADVT) announced it is moving forward with plans to establish a pet division that will create and market a proprietary line of CBD-infused pet supplements and therapeutic pet edibles. The company has been working on and testing this line of products for the past two years, according to company Legal Counsel, Geoffrey Broderick, Jr.

“It was among the first projects I put together when I came on board over two years ago,” Broderick explained. “My father, known in the industry as Doctor Geoff, has dedicated over fifty years of his life as a Veterinarian developing treatments, cures, and therapies for animals. Throughout his extensive career, he developed a clinically-proven medication (Cornucopia Superfood) to treat autoimmune related diseases and pet cancer. He loves animals. He has seen how CBD has the ability to extend lives and provide comfort, which is why he has been helping us develop a serious solution in this industry.” Broderick, who has worked with his father, Dr. R.G. Broderick, over several years, established a strategy to develop, test, and manufacture these perfected antioxidant superfood supplements by carefully blending in CBD, which is known for its therapeutic properties. “Over twenty-six years ago I began developing this very nutraceutical solution with my Dad,” Broderick beamed. “It’s kind of nice that its’ come full circle and we have a chance to work together again.”

According to Advantis CEO, Darren Cherry, the future of the coming pet division looks bright. “We’re lucky to be allied with such a well-known icon in the pet supplement, nutraceutical, and pet-med world. He literally invented this industry with his developments over twenty-five years ago,” Cherry stated. “We have a CBD-infused pet supplement that no one can replicate, due to the specific process and ingredients. This is Geoffrey’s baby; this is his division to build. We already have our current partners excited to test market this summer, and we’re confident that this will be a high margin product due to the extensive sweat equity that went into developing this amazing all-natural therapeutic supplement.” Details of the formulae remain closely held, however Cherry said that more details will be revealed as they get closer to market. “We are developing plans to debut our first product this summer, and are collaborating with Doctor Geoff to tap into the market that he is so famous in. I am confident in the Brodericks’ ability to bring this vision to fruition... and expand Advantis’ footprint nationwide, as a leader in all kinds of the highest quality CBD products.” Cherry concluded his comments by suggesting there will be several announcements over then next year as the Pet Division develops.

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