Quartzy and Lab Launch Inc. Partner to Make Critical Resources Available for New Labs

Quartzy joins the Los Angeles biotech non-profit as a preferred partner to provide greater accessibility to time-saving lab management solutions and necessary lab supplies

Palo Alto, California, UNITED STATES

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quartzy, the only free online laboratory supply management and ordering platform, announced today its preferred partnership with Lab Launch Inc. to provide their labs with its time-saving software and comprehensive Quartzy Catalog.

“We’re excited to be working with Lab Launch to provide new labs with the supplies they need to drive scientific progress,” said Adam Regelmann, Quartzy’s Founder and COO. “Our Quartzy Catalog, backed by our new California Quartzy Fulfillment Center, means these labs will have faster access to the supplies they need.”

Access to the Quartzy Catalog means Lab Launch Inc. labs will now be able to streamline their purchasing with the convenience of having over 2 million products from over 1,000 leading life science suppliers available on one platform.

“Through this partnership with Quartzy, we can now offer our labs free software to manage their inventory and orders from end to end, while also helping them get better pricing on the products they need from leading suppliers,” said Marie Rippen, CEO of Lab Launch. “By making the whole lab supply ordering and management process more affordable and efficient, Quartzy removes some major barriers to scientific discovery and gives our labs a competitive edge.”

In addition to their free Quartzy membership, Lab Launch labs will also receive additional benefits tailored specifically for new labs as part of this partnership.

“Time and money are two of the most critical reagents for driving scientific discovery,” added Adam Regelmann. “Quartzy will ensure these labs have plenty of both.”

About Lab Launch Inc.
Lab Launch Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit working to establish a more dynamic biotech startup environment in Los Angeles. Their mission is to enable LA’s scientists and entrepreneurs to develop their ideas in affordable, high-quality lab facilities, with access to services and a supportive innovation community to accelerate their success.

About Quartzy
Quartzy provides the only complete solution for lab supply management that includes the world’s most comprehensive catalog of lab supplies and deals backed by over 1,000 of the life science industry’s top suppliers like MilliporeSigma and Rainin. Relied on by over 160,000 scientists in more than 13,000 labs nationwide, Quartzy delivers full supply lifecycle management that combines world-class inventory tracking with user-friendly order request tools to streamline communication and save labs time and money. Founded by scientists in 2011, Quartzy has raised more than $22M from Khosla Ventures, Eminence Capital, Y Combinator and others. Learn more about Quartzy at www.quartzy.com.

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