New Behavioral Demand Response Service Drives Consumer Engagements for Retail Energy Providers

Built with research from Stanford University ChangeLabs and People Power’s behavioral science experts

Palo Alto, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO and HOUSTON, April 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- People Power, Internet of Things (IoT) software company providing white-label IoT solutions for energy, security and care services, announces the company’s newest energy-centric service designed to achieve significantly improved consumer participation in Behavioral Demand Response (BDR) initiatives, People Power BDR 2.0. Built on research and field-testing in collaboration with Stanford University ChangeLabs, the new service is comprised of microservices, adding to the library of AI-based energy-centric microservices announced recently with People Power Pro Energy 2.0.

Sustainable transformation in energy efficiency is possible when solutions simultaneously leverage shifts on both the demand and the supply sides of the equation. Catalyzing realistic ways of shifting behaviors through choices and options based on behavioral science principles – but which are sensitive in meshing with people’s identities, sensibilities and their daily lives – are key to changing the energy landscape,” said Prof. Banny Banerjee, Director and Founder of Stanford ChangeLabs. “People Power’s BDR 2.0 service is based on collaborative learnings from our energy-centric behavior science experts to address a global concern – more efficient energy consumption of individuals and groups.”

The new service enables energy savings contests and transforms successes into points, rewarding those who conserve while motivating others who could perform better. Featuring microservices that incorporate the company's leading smart home behavioral research, People Power BDR 2.0 is designed to keep participants engaged and responsive to energy efficiency efforts in their connected homes. Contest results are delivered through conversational user experiences within the app and email. Developed for white-label deployment and available today, People Power BDR 2.0 includes the following microservices that combine to make energy efficiency initiatives more engaging and successful:

  • Time-of-Use Notification Microservice
    Able to collect retail energy Time-of-Use (TOU) schedules, it provides SMS texts and in-app notification of pricing changes to consumers in real time. This AI-enabled microservice can also announce pricing level shifts in advance. Deployable to individuals and groups, it can understand real time home occupancy through sensor data, providing optimal reactions to TOU events regardless if consumers are home or away.

  • Savings Goal Challenge Microservice
    Designed to give energy consumers the ability to set personal energy savings goals, this microservice keeps users engaged in the process of energy efficiency through challenges, surveys and points rewards. Customers can set a monthly percentage goal of energy savings they would like to achieve.

  • Maximum Energy Savings Microservice
    Assisting customers in achieving significant energy savings, this microservice measures whole home energy consumption by kWh for targeted energy efficiency contests. When combined with other energy-centric microservices, automated efficiency programs can be administered to intelligently guide energy consumption to specific kWh goals.

  • Group Energy Savings Microservice
    Making possible a way for conservation co-ops and retail energy providers to unite and organize people with common efficiency goals, this microservice enables improved behavioral energy decisions at a group or community scale for maximum savings. Promoting energy conservation best practices for groups, this microservice transforms energy conservation into points rewards.

  • Recruitment Microservice
    Recruiting friends, family and colleagues to join energy efficiency initiatives is made easy with this microservice. It is designed to assist organizations in recruiting their own members into energy savings programs. Points are awarded based on the number of subscribers signed up. Perfect for larger organizations or non-profits, recruitment efforts are recognized and rewarded.

  • Report Card Microservice
    Providing a system where user-defined energy pledges transform into weekly activity report cards that recognize consumer participation through the distribution of rewards, this microservice has the ability to distribute a customized weekly report detailing individual pledges, points, awards and progress towards successful program completion.

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