BOULDER, Colo., April 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hygge Power, a Boulder-based smart plug and energy storage device company, has announced an alpha test of its signature Orchestrated Power Outlet (OPO) — a smart plug and home energy storage device. The alpha test will run over a six-month period commencing second quarter 2018. For more information, please visit

Hygge Power will work with customers during the alpha test to gather feedback for further fine-tuning of OPO. The patent-pending smart plug seamlessly powers electronics without interruption and is equipped with smart sensors and smartphone-enhanced functionality that allows individuals to remotely turn their electricity up, down, on or off. OPO’s functionality reduces energy costs and electricity usage on the consumer side, and the device enables participating utilities to improve customer service and grid reliability.

“When we founded Hygge Power, our vision was simple: to make every home a smart home, to help families reduce their electricity bills and to provide peace of mind that every home can remain connected, even during power outages,” said Caleb Scalf, founder and CEO of Hygge Power. “We are excited to share OPO with homes throughout Colorado and to use these findings to help drive future innovations.”

Hygge Power will be opening applications for the alpha test in April. Visit to apply and learn about the details of the alpha program.

Key features of the OPO outlet include:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Energy backup storage
  • Power quality monitoring
  • Remote outlet control and scheduling
  • Smart energy & cost savings
  • Surge protection

Hygge Power addresses a growing desire by consumers to have power storage in the home. A new entry into the smart home market, the OPO product is one of the many products predicted to make up a market of $54 billion by 2020. The company raised $150,000 in pre-seed funding in May 2017, recently completed the Boomtown and Upramp Accelerator programs and is currently in process of raising a subsequent round.

About Hygge Power
Hygge Power delivers smart power and real energy savings to homeowners. Hygge Power’s signature product, OPO, is an affordable home battery storage system that seamlessly powers electronics without interruption and is equipped with smart sensors and enhanced functionality that allows users to control their electricity through API integrations and smartphones. Hygge Power is based in Boulder, Colorado. For more information, please visit


Bill Rigler