Zebra Holdings and Investments S.a.r.l. Ceased to Own Securities of Pine Point Mining Limited and Received Common Shares of Generation Mining Limited

LUXEMBOURG, April 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zebra Holdings and Investments S.à.r.l. ("Zebra") 40, Boulevard Grande Duchesse Charlotte, L-1330 Luxembourg, a company controlled by a trust settled by the late Adolf H. Lundin, announced that, following the previously announced plan of arrangement (the ”Arrangement”) of Pine Point Mining Limited (“Pine Point”), all of the common shares of Pine Point previously owned and controlled by Zebra were exchanged for common shares of Osisko Metals Incorporated and Generation Mining Limited (“Generation”). 

Prior to the final execution of the Arrangement, Zebra owned 16,500,000 common shares of Pine Point. After completion of the Arrangement, Zebra no longer held or exercised control over any securities of Pine Point. Immediately after completion of the Arrangement, Zebra now owns and exercises control over 1,650,000 common shares of Generation, representing approximately 10.34% of the then issued and outstanding common shares of Generation.

Zebra had acquired the Common Shares of Pine Point, and now holds the common shares of Generation received under the Arrangement, for investment purposes. Zebra may from time to time increase or decrease its investment in the common shares of Generation depending upon the business and prospects of Generation and depending upon future market conditions.

For further information please contact: 
Aksel Azrac  
Telephone Number:011 41 22 595 1875
Fax:011 41 22 595 1800

A copy of the Early Warning Report filed pursuant to National Instrument 62-103 will appear with Generation’s documents on the System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR) and may also be obtained from Sandy Kansky, 1-604-806-3574.