WASHINGTON, April 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Chamber of Digital Commerce, the world’s leading blockchain trade association, announces the addition of five new global innovators to its Executive Committee membership.

These new Executive Committee members, which offer a wide-range of expertise across a number of business and consumer-focused industries, including accounting, finance, personal data management, space exploration and more, will play an important role in helping to shape the Chamber’s advocacy efforts through its numerous industry initiatives and working groups.

“The blockchain ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace and expanding into new sectors and industries. However, we are also in a time of regulatory uncertainty, where the industry could benefit from added perspective, expertise and leadership,” said Perianne Boring, founder and president, Chamber of Digital Commerce. “We’re proud to welcome these new members to our Executive Committee and applaud their commitment to working with policymakers during this key moment in blockchain’s history.”

New Member Statements:

Crowe Horwath LLP
“From procuring raw materials to distributing products to auditing internal and financial performance, blockchain is impacting every aspect of business in multiple industries. Joining the Chamber of Digital Commerce enables Crowe Horwath to help lead blockchain transformation and advance its application in the industries we serve, including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, technology and government,” said David Uhryniak, Blockchain Practice Leader, Crowe Horwath LLP.

“Dragonchain is a philosophically-driven company with a belief that ‘all humans are welcome.’ In a time of industry uncertainty, the Chamber of Digital Commerce’s mission to promote the acceptance of blockchain via education, advocacy and bringing policymakers and industry together, aligns perfectly with Dragonchain’s vision and core values,” said Joe Roets, founder and CEO, Dragonchain. “We are pleased and eager to join the efforts to bring clarity and develop an environment that indeed does foster innovation, jobs and investment.” 

"At Pillar Project, our goal is to give people around the world control of their personal data,” said CEO David Siegel. “We are active proponents of agile legislation and regulation. That's why we're excited to join the Chamber and its leadership and be part of the change in Washington. By working together, we can build a bridge between blockchain innovators and the regulatory and policy communities.”

Polymath Network
“Polymath is pleased to be joining the world’s leading blockchain trade association,” said Chris Housser, COO and Co-Founder of Polymath. “It’s our belief that blockchain technology will revolutionize the finance industry, especially capital markets. We look forward to working with the Chamber and its diverse membership to advocate for the power of this technology.”

“SpaceChain aims to provide more people access to space. Our blockchain-based open-source satellite network aims to revolutionize the space industry, and solve issues across various industries -- from fishing to financial services and mass media,” said Zheng Zuo, co-founder of the private space agency SpaceChain. “Being a member of the Chamber of Digital Commerce reinforces commitment innovation, and to supporting and growing this community. We look forward to collaborating with the Chamber membership and participating in activities to promote blockchain-enabled technologies.”

About the Chamber of Digital Commerce
Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the Chamber of Digital Commerce is the world’s largest trade association representing the digital asset and blockchain industry. For more information, please visit: DigitalChamber.org.

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