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Legacy Acquisitions plants roots in Omaha, NE with big goals for 2018

Omaha, April 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Legacy Acquisitions, a recent addition to Omaha, Nebraska opened their doors with big goals in mind for both their team, as well as their community. Representing major Fortune 100 clients in the telecommunications, home entertainment and electronics industries, Legacy Acquisitions has set themselves to have a booming first year. Already the marketing giant, led by Christian Bolding, has surpassed their original goals for 2018, and are working on meeting their third quarter expansion goals early. The 2018 projections are looking bigger and better than ever before, with record-breaking goals for expansion and growth.

Christian Bolding, Legacy Acquisitions’ CEO, is originally from Springfield, MO. Growing up through foster care, Bolding was told early on what his life would and wouldn’t include, and that he would not make it in today’s society. After living through twelve foster homes, and four group homes, Christian knew he would prove them wrong.  Determined to not become yet another statistic, Christian began his working career in fast food at fifteen. From there he worked one on one with disabled patients, and eventually fell into a role working in Marketing with the Holiday Inn. Learning the value of social skills, Christian had found his calling in marketing, as well as his way to give back to others who needed a voice rallying behind them.

Speaking to the founder, Bolding commented saying, “I named my company for the people. I want others to be able to come and start something for themselves. Here they can come become a legacy, build a legacy, and leave a legacy!” The Legacy Acquisitions team prides itself on offering the best in class service, but not just for its’ clients and community, but employees as well. Legacy Acquisitions offers all of their team members the ability to take part in their nationally recognized training program. This program gives employees skills ranging from customer services skills, to career coaching, and life management skills. These benefits do more than help employees be successful while working with Legacy Acquisitions, but rather set up individuals with valuable life and career skills that are transferable to multiple industries. The growth opportunity available to employees through the training program is rare in today’s job market, no doubt one of the biggest perks of working with Legacy Acquisitions.

Being part of the growing marketing firm’s team has more advantages than just their training program. Team members also are provided with opportunities to give back to the growing Omaha community. This April, the Legacy team will sacrifice their off day to partner with Open Door Mission. Open Door Mission is a Gospel Rescue Mission that works hand in hand with Omaha’s homeless and poverty stricken to help provide long term solutions on an individual basis. The Legacy team will be helping provide a warm meal for those unable to find one, as well as words on encouragement and hope for those so desperately needing support, much like Bolding had needed growing up. With Christian’s goals aimed at improving those around him, it is no wonder the team volunteers, and continues to schedule time to give back to the community around them.

Entering into the second quarter of 2018, Bolding and his team are poised to break records this year. However, they have bigger goals driving them forward. Bolding told us, “This is about more than just success for us, yes we’re hungry to win, but more importantly it is about helping others. Not just through charity, but in business as well. We want to help everyone meet their potential!” It is this refreshing outlook, blended with the team’s desire to succeed that continues to make their outlook look bright. They are currently accepting applications for excited individuals looking to take their career to the next level, including former military, collegiate athletes and entrepreneurs alike. For more information regarding the career opportunities offered, visit their website.

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