Expereo and SecureOps partner to deliver specialist SD-WAN security

Strategic partnership adds security expertise to Expereo SD-WAN managed services, enabling businesses to securely operate SD-WAN, internet-centric networks, and move to the cloud


AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, April 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today Expereo, global provider of managed internet network, accelerated cloud access and SD-WAN solutions, announces a new strategic partnership with information security services company SecureOps.

SecureOps brings two decades of network security experience as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) to Expereo’s XDN portfolio. SecureOps’ comprehensive suite of on-premise and cloud-based security services will empower multinational customers to securely operate internet-centric networks, deploy SD-WANs, and move to the cloud with confidence.

SecureOps and Expereo
Expereo and SecureOps have signed a strategic partnership to provide total network security for today’s business-critical digital landscape. As enterprises move to the internet and SD-WAN, many find that complex manual processes plus a lack of resources and skills prevents them from effectively keeping pace with the current security landscape. Expereo and SecureOps’ joint solution alleviates these challenges when adopting an internet-centric enterprise network and cloud access strategy.

Irwin Fouwels, Expereo CEO, comments: "With SecureOps we bring a complete security suite to the Expereo XDN portfolio. We now offer our global SD-WAN solutions bundled with full managed security, enabling the multinational enterprise to deliver on its cloud strategy and deploy SD-WAN with confidence.”

Loren Goldig, SecureOps CEO & President, comments: “Network security in 2018 must be adaptable. You can’t throw in firewalls and walk away; security needs are as complex and diverse as the businesses themselves. Today’s solutions must exactly meet the specific needs of each individual company. Working in strategic partnership with Expereo, our ability to deliver these tailored solutions is enhanced by Expereo’s commercial go-to-market and agile global delivery capability.”

The security offering
The Expereo and SecureOps strategic partnership for security and network service management is enhanced by vulnerability lifecycle management services. Enterprises will be able to easily integrate SecureOps’ flexible MSSP services into their network, bolstering Expereo connectivity with robust security. Expereo will offer the following Managed Security services:

  • Security infrastructure management
    Secured, monitored internet break-out services via on-premises devices or secure cloud gateways across a number of security offerings, including security information and event management (SIEM), firewall management for SD-WAN, intrusion defense and prevention systems (IDS and IPS), universal threat managers (UTM) and more.
  • Threat monitoring and response
    Dedicated, 24/7 triage and incident handling and customer environment monitoring for potential threats, powered by a multi-layer detection process.
  • Vulnerability lifecycle management
    Enterprise WAN vulnerability management. Proactive scanning and analysis of customer infrastructure for threat determination and reporting, backed by assessment and remediation.

In addition, customers will also receive access to security consultancy services such as security audits, customer requirement facilitation, host protection and more.

About SecureOps
SecureOps is a high-end information security services provider and member of the Information Security Forum (ISF) with two decades of experience. The team offers specialist knowledge related to security and security-related networking technology.

SecureOps has built its global services on personalised solutions, preferring turnkey approaches to an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all approach. SecureOps will work directly with Expereo customers to understand their needs and deliver specialist security solutions tailored to their specific requirements. Customers can choose and deploy a suite of solutions that will sit under one accessible management framework specifically relevant to their organization.

SecureOps and Expereo are uniquely positioned to collaborate given their commitment to a customer-centric approach, cutting-edge technology, global capability, and agile customer deployment expertise.

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