Tacoma, WA, April 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Atmosphera continues the reign supreme at the top of Tacoma’s highest rated management companies.

Atmosphera President and CEO, Khalil Verdell, in a recent interview addressed their fast expansion and company culture as well as shedding some light on the competition. I asked Mr. Verdell how they have managed to maintain such a great reputation as a company boasting an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and being one of the highest rated companies in Washington on Glassdoor.

“Anyone who has worked for us, provided that they themselves operate with integrity, fairness, and good character, will tell you how dedicated, focused, and encouraging we are to the growth of our employees. Our business is not intended for everyone. We are here to focus on individuals looking to manage. Anything short of that just simply won’t do. We have high standards and expectations, but we invest a lot of time and money into putting people in positions of management within a year.”

With all of the success, great culture, and growth, I asked Khalil what are some of the challenges you face?

“We’re a private company that does big business. But since we are private, people don’t always know exactly what we do day-to-day. So sometimes people won’t apply because we aren’t as well-known as let’s say a Microsoft or Merrill Lynch, so that creates a challenge for our recruiting team.”

In my interview with Mr. Verdell, he walked me through a day in the life of an Atmosphera employee. We discussed everything from their highly educational and motivating meetings, to their dealings with their private clients, to their development process and management opportunities.

It was obvious the employee culture was extremely diverse and inclusive. There seemed to be a 40|60 split of men to women respectively, and of many different ethnicities, experiences, education levels and backgrounds. Additionally, everyone seemed to be genuinely concerned for each other’s progress and well-being. And one of the most tell-tale observations was how much actual development was taking place.

“It’s like a business school that pays you to attend, but with real career opportunities and growth potential” says Elizabeth Mason, Whitewolf Managing Director.

When asked to about what they see for their future, the answer was simple; More growth and more top talented people coming on board.

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