South Bronx Social Entrepreneur Henry Obispo creates a Green Revolution and sustainable design, in collaboration with Suny Farmingdale Students, for BORN JUICE

Born Juice is a plant-based Eatery and Juice bar coming this Summer

NEW YORK, April 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Henry Obispo, a social entrepreneur who has set his future in building the first ever cold pressed juice bar and plant based eatery in Bronx, NY with the help of SUNY Farmingdale Department of Urban Horticulture and Design. Raised in the Bronx and born in the Dominican Republic, Henry Obispo is a product of a rich cultural topography, a community organizer and an activist.  Mr. Obispo wanted to take it upon himself to find solutions to the oppressive realities around health in his community, considered one of the largest food deserts and the poorest congressional district in the United States. After implementing a grant from the USDA, where Mr. Obispo looked for solutions to the food desert realities, access to food became a focal point and an obsession for Henry to create solutions for those social ills. The passion that Mr. Obispo has for his community has prompted Mr. Obispo to dream big and start a business which will benefit everyone in the Bronx.

The 14 students led by Professor Stevie Famulari of Farmingdale Department of Urban Horticulture and Design started designing the space which can be found at 2500 Third Avenue in Mott Haven. Each of the students will design and develop a green concept integrating green technology to promote sustainability. This space will soon become "Born Juice", a juice bar & Plant based eatery in the Bronx, which will serve fresh pressed juices, smoothies, vegan bowls, and express casual healthy foods. We all know that juices cleanse the body and is a temporary break from eating solid foods. Fresh juices from fruits and vegetables nourishes the body and is another way of detox which can recharge, rejuvenate and renew the system. The Bronx community has been missing this very important factor in their daily lives. Mr. Obispo has seen this ongoing situation for decades and decided to fill in the blanks.

Mr. Obispo focuses on creating a hyper local system, where food is grown and harvested by local youth, used and produced in food served to the community by a local workforce, in the quest to reverse many of the health disparities in one of the largest food deserts in the country.

Mr. Obispo states, "We want a model where you have sustainability, and not just in the food. Everything will be from local gardens, local farmers and hydroponics, and there will be sustainability in the interior designs, too.”

Born Juice is a revolutionary project because of its zero-carbon footprint model. Born Juice is expected to incorporate green technology in the form of hydroponic gardens to grow the food, which is later harvested for their cold pressed juices and food. This project will educate the local youth about urban farming and hyper-local systems to empower the local population riddled with health disparities and awaken them to a new green reality, operating in their own neighborhood.

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