NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., April 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Global Capital Network (GCN) is proud to present its West Coast Wall Street Awards Banquet first presented in 2011, on April 19th at the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach.   The Gary E. Bryant Lifetime Legacy Achievement award will be presented to banker and investor Grant Bettingen to a capacity audience of Southern California’s best financiers, accredited and institutional investors. GCN CEO Josh Bois says of the event, “More than ever, the business of doing good is really where great things happen.  I look forward to this optimistic luncheon of the definitive investor relations firm of the 21st century along with our chairman Patrick A. Howell.”

The private luncheon will feature distinguished speakers Thomas Carter of Capital Services Group which has “created a true end to end supply chain approach to capital markets”; Davos Macro Fund manager Nick Pardini who will present on “What to Be Optimistic about in the Era of Hard Choices”; and Ash Kumra, CEO and Founder of Youngry, a movement and mentor platform for entrepreneurs, “Young in Spirit, Hungry in Ambition.”

Continuing in its proud investors relations tradition of championing some of the world’s best emerging growth opportunities, GCN is proud to present those opportunities of Purify Fuels, EcoGEM, Blu Tango HCN, Clarisy and YouSolar.

Purify Fuels is a nanotech fuel purification company headquartered in Virginia with international operations will be presented by CEO John Carrol; EcoGEM of Colorado, a world-wide supplier of agricultural grade gypsum (calcium sulfate) fertilizer presented by CFO Michael Bennett; Blu Tango is a wine and spirits brand headquartered in Southern California is represented by CEO Ron Berman; Hotel Communications Network (HCN), a state of the art tablet set to revolutionize hoteling will be presented by Kevin Binder; YouSolar  President and CEO Arnold Leitner will present the fully-integrated, plug and play solar battery system firm; Clerisy Corporation’s CEO Ross Lyndon-James will present their Laguna Beach headquartered business specializing in medical delivery devices for global healthcare and wellness industries.

Media for the event will be provided by Charley Wright and Strategic Investor Radio as well as Royce Multi Media.

GCN president and chairman Patrick A. Howell proudly says of the event,“Youth, energy, positive works and spiritual growth are the accents which we want to emphasize with our ongoing experiment in capitalism and the markets.  We want the markets to be truly free.  Grant Bettingen is a fitting recipient of this Gary E. Bryant Lifetime Legacy Achievement Award.  Stay tuned!  Our best is yet to come.”

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