Omaha, April 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Legacy Acquisitions, one of the fastest growing marketing firms in Omaha, recently announced they will be offering summer internships for the 2018 Summer season. These internships will also provide the opportunity for team members to participate in the First Annual “Leave a Legacy” scholarship program which offers financial aid for those that complete the program. This exciting announcement is just the beginning of the plans Bolding, the founder of Legacy Acquisitions, has laid out for the team.

Since Legacy Acquisitions’ prides itself on creating opportunity, all interns, like other employees, are eligible to progress through their award-winning management training program over the summer. This program offers entry level employees, interns, as well as those with no experience, hands-on, real world career development. Employees are cross trained in several areas, ranging from customer service, brand management, conflict resolution, and leadership skills. Upper management spends one-on-one time with each team member to help their development, not only through their program, but also on a personal level. Christian Bolding spoke with us about his program, saying, “We were founded on the idea of giving people the opportunity to learn what they are capable of achieving. Our internship and scholarship programs are just the first step of offering people that opportunity.”  

The program allows staff to advance from a brand ambassador role, where working with customers is the focus, to a management positions, where the focus is shifted to “behind the scenes” tasks. Each step of the way, the training emphasizes different key elements of individuals’ career development. Beginning with the brand ambassador role, training focuses mainly on client information, customer service and brand management. During this stage, team members are working face to face with customers, while representing the Fortune 100 and 500 clients of Legacy Acquisitions. From there, moving into a corporate training role, interns (and employees) are given coaching on managing a team, leadership development, and communication skills as they begin to assist with training throughout the office. “This is my favorite part of training in the office,” Bolding told us. “The communication and leadership skills learned and expanded upon during this phase of training are the most valuable, as well as the most transferable. The skills our team is mastering as a corporate trainer will go with them throughout their working careers.” After mastering basic coaching and leadership skills, trainers move into an assistant director role, where they focus their attention on “behind the scenes” tasks. Here they are learning the ins and outs of business management, while maintaining their coaching and mentorship skills with their team. Interns will be eligible for the scholarships as long as they complete the three-month program, which can pay up to four hundred dollars towards their school costs.

With Omaha housing two universities and seven local colleges, programs like the Legacy Acquisitions internships and “Leave a Legacy” scholarship program are sure to be very attractive for local college students. The marketing team has begun interviewing these positions at their branch on Harney St in Omaha in hopes of filling the positions by May. With expansion and new clients on the horizon, the Legacy Acquisitions team has yet again set themselves up to reach beyond their goals.

For more information, as well as to apply for their internship program, check out them website at:

1905 Harney St Suite 620 
Omaha, NE 68102