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Ortiz Enterprises Ends First Quarter with High Achievements

LAS VEGAS, NV, April 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It is common for companies for set large goals and expectations for themselves at the beginning of the new year, but it’s rare to see those plans come to fruition, especially within the first quarter. However, Ortiz Enterprises has shown through their work how much one firm can produce within three months.

According to Joey Ortiz, Director of Operations at Ortiz Enterprises, the achievements the team has made so far is due to the challenging goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the new year. Since coming together to create a game plan, the team has been working hard to see their goals come to fruition.

In fact, one of the team’s goals for the year is expand to 7 to 10 new markets. So far this year alone, Ortiz Enterprises has expanded to Oxnard, CA, Simi Valley, CA, Lincoln, NE and will be opening a new branch in the Las Vegas area this month. With four expansions already under their belt, the Ortiz Enterprises team should have no problem meeting and/or surpassing their goal.

“It’s common to see teams create amazing, challenging goals at the beginning of the year, but it’s very rare to see those goals come to fruition,” said Ortiz. “I’m blessed to be around goal-minded individuals that chase their goals unapologetically. When you have a team like that backing you, there’s nothing you can’t do in business.”

Not only has the company stretched and grown across the eastern region of the country, the Ortiz Enterprises headquarters in Las Vegas, NV has doubled in size. Since the beginning of 2018, Ortiz has promoted 6 client representatives to account managers to help oversee the growth of the company. The promotion recipients were all selected from the existing team at Ortiz Enterprises due to their strong belief in advancement from within.

While the company itself has grown exponentially, Ortiz has also grown professionally within the business industry himself. During the first quarter, Ortiz traveled to both Newport Beach, CA and Dallas, TX to attend national conferences focused on growth and production in the marketing field. Not only did Ortiz attend the seminars, he was also asked to speak as a presenter.
Considering the director added another client to his portfolio earlier this year, it’s no surprise that he was asked to deliver a presentation on maximizing productivity in the work place, both for his company and his clients.

“I’m lucky to be in a field that recognizes hard work and the importance of bettering yourself through networking,” said Ortiz. “I was honored to be asked to speak.”

Now that the month of April is upon us, the team at Ortiz Enterprises has a positive outlook on the second quarter of the year. According to the director, he plans on using the momentum that they’ve gained to help propel them into the rest of the year.

“We’re expecting big things for the rest of the year,” said Ortiz. “This is just the beginning and a small taste of what we’re able to accomplish.”

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