SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Glogou Inc.  a Silicon Valley technology marketing company today announced  that it launches RapidChain marketing services which will help a business to better marketing blockchain based products and services.

Many businesses are providing or will provide blockchain based new products and services. Given  there are lots of noises, hypes and misconceptions around blockchain technologies, how can a business with truly innovative technologies and solutions standout ?

“Token based blockchain solutions require different marketing channels comparing to most other technologies. For example, community will be very important for blockchain solutions to acquire users and customers.  DApp and Smart Contracts need to run on existing public chains “, said Nancy Zhang, Director of Marketing at Glogou, “Glogou’s RapidChain marketing services help blockchain solution providers quickly grow their user communities and customers bases.”

Glogou’s  RapidChain  marketing services include: content marketing, social media marketing, user community development on Telegram, user engagement,  reporting and status monitoring.  Glogou also provides services to promote tokens and whitepapers. Glogou team has deep understanding of decentralized, crypto based technologies.

Asian countries, including Japan, Korea, China, and some Southeast Asian countries are very active in cryptocurrency investments; Those countries will likely be early adopters for many blockchain solutions. Glogou has been an expert in marketing in those countries.

Glogou content marketing team will create industry and customer specific Asian language content on daily basis.  One important part of Glogou marketing services is to help a business to grow followers.  Those followers have potential to become loyal customers of a business, a brand and a product.

In additional to RapidChain marketing services, Glogou provides complete Asian and Chinese search engine (Baidu), social media (Wechat, Weibo), and mobile marketing solutions.

About Glogou Inc.: Glogou Inc. (www.glogou.comis a Silicon Valley company. Glogou develops innovative marketing technologies and provides digital, social media and mobile marketing services. Its customers include Intel, Capital Region USA, South Carolina State, and Columbia University. Most of Glogou’s customers are top customer brands, education institutions, and high tech companies.

Glogou Inc.
Helen Lee
Director of Communications

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