SAN DIEGO, April 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Couples Rehabs is located in Southern California and is well aware of the drug problem that is devastating the state of California. Just recently the police arrested two residents of Riverside County for allegedly supplying drugs by drone. The said drugs-by-drone business was being run from a house in a local suburban neighborhood.

The officers saw a drone fly from the house and drop the package over a nearby parking lot to customers. When they raided the house they found narcotics scattered in the house. They also recovered marijuana from the bedroom of a 9 year old girl living in the house.

In another recent crime involving prescription drugs, a man was just sentenced to one year in custody. He had been breaking into pharmacies in multiple Riverside cities after hours and stealing prescription medication, which included Oxycodone and morphine.

These types of events have raised the discussion on increasing drug abuse problems in the county.

New Programs From Drug Rehabs in Riverside, CA

Several reports have been published on how Riverside County has become the narcotics hub of the country. It has become one the largest drug distribution centers in the United States.

The reports are alarming for the residents of the county as their kids are more exposed to the drug abuse than others. With increasing cases of drug addiction and drug related deaths of teens and young adults, the demand for drug rehabs in Riverside has increased.

The Medi-Cal program initiated by the state of California has extended the drug treatment for low income groups also. This also has led to increase in specialty rehabilitation centers, like pet friendly drug rehabs for individuals who have an emotional support animal.

Similarly, it becomes easier for the couples where both have a substance abuse problem to be treated at the same time. Those that are married or in a relationship where both members are using drugs or alcohol, they can go to a rehab that offers a drug treatment program for couples.

In wake of recent increase in the number of drug related issues nationwide, it is important for the people of California that the new plan is allowing more and more struggling addicts to seek professional help in fighting addiction.

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