TikaMobile Launches TikaMSL, an Innovative Analytics CRM Platform for Medical Science Liaisons Designed to Drive Key Opinion Leader Development

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, April 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TikaMobile, Inc., a cloud-based analytics and CRM software company focused on the life sciences industry, today announced the addition of TikaMSL to its suite of business intelligence, CRM and analytics products. Designed specifically for Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), TikaMSL provides timely, critical business intelligence that enables MSLs to form and maintain strong, strategic relationships with influential physicians and other Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

TikaMSL keeps MSLs informed through its connectivity to third-party data sources, allowing MSLs to gain more insights about the market landscape and empowering them to be more strategic about which opinion leaders to target and prioritize. The platform also has a unique alerting capability to let MSLs and Medical Affairs teams know about open medical requests, such as a physician requesting information about a drug for an off-label use. The Clinical Asset Management Portal within TikaMSL allows Medical Affairs, Marketing and other stakeholders to equip MSLs with everything they need to be successful, including the most up-to-date clinical studies, industry reports, news, thought leadership material, and key messages.

Managers of MSL teams have access through TikaMSL to advanced and interactive analytics on items such as team KPI activities and Electronic Medical Information Request Form (eMIRF) status, and can also automate many of their reports. This information enables managers to better understand what’s happening in the field, be more strategic, keep their team informed and create a powerful feedback loop with the information that MSLs gather about KOLs and other influential stakeholders.

Like other TikaMobile products, TikaMSL is fast and provides a great user experience, which encourages frequent utilization. MSLs and their managers can access the platform on all major mobile devices, as well as desktops. In addition, TikaMSL aggregates information from multiple sources, taking away the need to fumble between multiple office apps and spreadsheets for information. TikaMSL achieves all of this for MSLs and their organizations while keeping the necessary barriers in place and remaining fully compliant.

“TikaMobile is proud to launch TikaMSL to provide MSLs with an essential tool that will make them smarter in the field, empower them to be more strategic with their KOL interactions and enable them to share the vital information that they collect with the rest of their organization in a fully compliant manner,” said Manish Sharma, CEO and founder of TikaMobile. “MSLs are critical to the success of their organizations and they need the right tools to thrive. TikaMSL takes them out of the dark by providing them with an abundance of business intelligence which they can use to form and maintain strong relationships with their KOLs and be more strategic with their customer interactions.”

TikaMobile’s suite of life sciences business intelligence, CRM and advanced analytics cloud software tools  also includes TikaPharma and TikaDevice. TikaPharma is the CRM and business intelligence tool designed specifically for pharma sales reps to drive more productivity, closed sales and revenue. TikaDevice is the real-time analytics platform purpose-built to increase medical device sales.

About TikaMobile, Inc.
TikaMobile, Inc. is the premier leader in cloud-based business intelligence and CRM sales enablement software for the global life sciences industry. By combining many disparate sales and marketing tools into a single easy-to-use application, while applying prescriptive, actionable analytics across the commercial organization, Tika is transforming and optimizing sales organizations for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Tika is committed to innovation, product excellence, and customer success and works with organizations of all sizes. Headquartered in New York City, Tika has offices in the United States, Europe and India. For more information, visit www.Tikamobile.com.

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