Cellaria Forms Collaborative Partnership with SBH Sciences

Combines SBH’s assay services with Cellaria’s patient-specific cell models and cell culture media products

Cambridge, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

Cambridge, Mass. and Natick, Mass., May 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cellaria, LLC, a scientific innovator that develops revolutionary new cancer models for challenging tumors, today announced the formation of a strategic partnership with SBH Sciences (SBH). The companies will collaborate to evaluate drug response using Cellaria’s patient-specific cell models and cell culture media products with SBH’s cell-based assay services. As a result, SBH will be able to accelerate its efforts to generate drug response data for larger sets of patients that are clinically diagnosed with the same disease.   

SBH is a premier provider of custom assays for drug discovery and development and biomarker characterization. The company has extensive assay development expertise and works closely with pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide to develop and automate assays for routine use. This new agreement calls for Cellaria and SBH to work together to provide custom assays for pharmaceutical companies interested in evaluating drug response profiles across a larger set of patients in 2D and 3D assay formats. The partnership will also expand SBH’s cell products for cancer research and drug discovery.

“Once our cell models are characterized, the next step is to incorporate them into well-defined and scalable assays,” said David Deems, Chief Executive Officer at Cellaria. “SBH’s expertise in assay development and biomarker evaluation makes them an ideal partner for extending our work and translating it into high-value inputs for disease research.”    

Dr. Raphael Nir, President and Chief Scientific Officer, SBH Sciences, said: "We are excited to form the partnership with Cellaria. SBH is providing in-vitro lead drug-screening services and is always looking for innovative methods to support our clients. The availability of patient-specific cell models will significantly enhance our capability and assist our customers to move more efficiently from the in vitro (pre-clinical) to the clinical studies. Together with Cellaria, we are looking to provide patient-specific cell models that will provide better outcomes to the patients and thus save lives. We are proud to be a part and take action in the vision of personalized medicine.”

About SBH Sciences

SBH Sciences is an innovative pre-clinical contract research organization focused on anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory drug development. The company is the world leader with over 300 cell-based assays to measure biological activity of cytokines and growth factors.

The availability of 350 human cancer cell lines enables in-vitro lead compounds screening. Combined with the production of 80 biological and 10 innovative platforms for biomarker analysis, SBH has assisted over 180 biotechnology companies in the last 20 years, to advance their research programs toward clinical trials.

For more information, visit www.SBHSciences.com.

About Cellaria
Cellaria creates breakthrough disease models that reflect the unique nature and complexity of a patient. Using these informative models, disease researchers are better able to select promising compounds and work towards personalized approaches that would enable physicians to identify the most effective treatment for each patient’s needs. Cellaria’s innovative products help lead the research community to more personalized therapeutics, revolutionizing and accelerating the search for a cancer cure. For more information, visit www.cellariabio.com. You can learn more about our cell models here.


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