Consorteum Holdings, Inc. Completes Branding Initiative For Its First Global Sports Predictive Analytics Mobile Offering…Welcome Edgelytics™!

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ATLANTA, May 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NetworkWire – Consorteum Holdings, Inc. ("Consorteum" or the "Company") (OTCPK:CSRH), a software development company and mobile device solutions provider, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, 359 Mobile Inc. (“359”), has completed focus group research and is introducing Edgelytics™, a predictive analytics product it intends to launch shortly. Recognizing the importance of this launch, 359 worked on the brand identity project with one of the UK’s premier brand development teams to develop the Edgelytics concept.  The first Edgelytics product will be dedicated to the global sport of Cricket, with 2.5 billion estimated fans. Cricket is especially popular regionally in the UK, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Asia, and Australia. This global offering will be the first product that will be released pursuant to the distribution contract between 359 and DevLex Ltd. which creates an exclusive alliance for the distribution of the DevLex Predictive Analytics Platform with 359’s Universal Mobile Interface™ (“UMI”).  Edgelytics Cricket will be offered in the app store for all android and iOS devices.

Built by a dedicated team, Edgelytics Cricket utilizes a large historical data set that is continuously updated on all relevant statistics on cricket teams and players. The easy-to-use mobile app provides historical data analytics that is intended to facilitate more intelligent wagering. The Company anticipates availability of Edgelytics Cricket in the second quarter of this year.

Consorteum CEO Craig Fielding stated, “It’s no secret that people worldwide love to play sports and watch sporting events. And many sports lovers can’t help betting on the various outcomes of a particular game, play, or event. With the completion of the development of the Edgelytics Cricket app, our goal is simple. A Cricket fan will now be able to refine his decision to wager in a more intelligent way. We believe utilizing analytical intelligence should improve a bettor’s success rate as opposed to relying on a mere gut feeling about a particular sporting event.”

Ian Copeman (Founder\MD of DevLex) commented, “Our team is very pleased to announce the joint introduction of the Edgelytics™ brand today. Edgelytics Cricket should be released soon in conjunction with the 359 Mobile team. Our collaboration to bring this first product to market has gone extremely well and we are looking forward to completion and distribution of other Edgelytics sports-related offerings in the future.”

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Founded to develop complex mobile application solutions over 10 years ago, DevLex continues to develop leading edge solutions for the mobile market. The most recent innovation has been the significant investment in its DevLex DV-PA framework, which allows real time analytics and predictive analytics to be developed and deployed to mobile devices. The solution will be targeted at any type of FinTech solution utilizing complex historic data sets. For more information about DevLex, please visit:

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