SEYCHELLES, May 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The announcement of IP.Gold as the first Token Generation Event on the COMSA ICO Launchpad caused quite a stir, posting an overnight increase of 33% in the CMS Token market price and adding $50 million to market capitalization in one day.

IP.Gold acquires, leases and monetizes IP addresses - the “real estate of the Internet.” IP.Gold also operates a scalable, proven IP asset Ecosystem - a set of services and strategies that maximizes the monetization of IP addresses through their lifecycle - while providing asset growth, downside protection and diversification. Similar to real estate, IP.Gold acquires large blocks of IP addresses at good prices, sub-divides them to create diversity, builds services on top of them to maximize, leases them to a growing list of customers and sells them in the robust IP address trading market when the price is right.

IP.Gold worked closely with the team at COMSA and Tech Bureau to craft an agreement structure and a set of platform services that we believe the IP.Gold Token Sale, and future customers of the platform would need,” said David Callender, CEO at IP.Gold. “We are very happy to be chosen as the first ICO, and by the looks of the major increase in the price of the CMS Token after the announcement, the COMSA community is happy as well.”

IP.Gold is currently conducting its Private Pre-Sale, open worldwide to crypto and fiat investors, and will start its Public ICO May 2, 2018.

IP.Gold operates a scalable, proven IP asset ecosystem that maximizes the monetization of IP addresses through their lifecycle while providing asset growth, downside protection, and crypto volatility diversification. The IP.Gold ecosystem delivers many services simultaneously on an IP address, which maximizes the ongoing revenue model. By integrating blockchain, AI, and machine learning, IP.Gold will streamline the costs associated with acquiring IP address assets, managing the value of the IP address assets and significantly reduce operational overheads. https://IP.Gold

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