SAN FRANCISCO, May 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nothing compares to the feeling of dread when you get out of a cab or train and realize you just left your phone behind, or you’re leaving a concert and realize your grandmother’s heirloom necklace is no longer around your neck, or your dog gets out the front door, and though you chase him as hard as you can, he outruns you until he’s out of sight.

You need LOFO, a new, free app for both iOS and Android smartphones. LOFO, short for “Lost and Found”, was created to make losing and finding items a fun and headache-free experience.  A key feature of the app is that users can post and search by geographic location, making it especially valuable to travelers.

“I’ve lost a few things over the years things that meant something to me, and there wasn't an effective platform to find them,” said Raelene Ohlson, LOFO’s co-founder. “With LOFO, you can put in the approximate location of the lost item, and you will see the 'lost' icon on a map. When people find something, they simply upload the found item, add the detail and the 'loser' will automatically be asked via push notifications to confirm their item is a match.  It’s that simple.”

The average person loses 1.24 items per year. In the United States, that means more than 1 million items are reported lost daily. The average price of the lost item is $220.15, meaning there are more than $240 million dollars per day in lost items, or $87.6 billion a year.

The app’s  main screen shows missing items that have rewards for their return, or have been paid to be “Bumped Up.” The Marketplace is where unclaimed items can be sold, with the option of donating the part or all proceeds to a charity of the seller’s choosing.

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About LOFO
LOFO was conceptualized when CEO Scott Boocock's friend, co-founder Raelene Ohlson, lost a treasured ring on the beach. Frantic, she found a man with a metal detector on the shoreline, gave him her contact info and said a prayer that the ring might somehow be found — and that the man might still have her number. Around the same time, a sweet dog with hungry eyes and no identification tags wandered into Boocock’s office. There must be a better way of connecting items and animals to their rightful owner, they thought — and LOFO was born. Whether it's an engagement ring, a favorite pair of sunglasses, a pet, or a phone, it's their hope that LOFO will efficiently and painlessly reunite lost items with their owners.