AUSTIN, Texas, May 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yoshi, which provides the most widely used subscription service for on-site car maintenance and gas delivery, announced today that it has significantly expanded its Austin service area due to explosive demand for its service from consumers and businesses.

Originally available in Downtown, Hyde Park, East Austin and the University of Texas area, Yoshi is also now serving South Congress and South Lamar as well as north of the city – more than doubling its service area. The company has expanded its local truck fleet in order to handle increasing customer volume in Austin.

Yoshi delivers gas, oil changes, car washes, and other car maintenance services directly to customers’ cars while they are parked, eliminating the need to stop for gas or track and schedule routine maintenance. Prices are competitive, making Yoshi’s service a favorite of many daily commuters across the country - in addition to Austin, the service is currently operating in the San Francisco Bay Area, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Nashville, St. Louis and Tampa/St. Petersburg.

One unique aspect of Yoshi’s service in Austin: the company is also delivering fuel to boats at Lake Austin and Lake Travis.

“Austin has been a great city for Yoshi,” said Yoshi CEO Nick Alexander. “There is a high proportion of car commuters here, and our service is getting high marks from customers for its convenience and value. We are seeing growing demand among Austin boat owners as well - they rely on Yoshi to keep their boats fueled so on the weekends they can jump in and go.”

“I love Yoshi,” said Austin-based customer Courtney Robinson. “They fill up my tank while I'm working, and can even give my truck a wash when it needs one.  They charge the AAA average gas price for your area so you don't feel gouged. They will also check your tire air pressure and fill your tires, if needed, for free. I don't plan on ever going to a gas station again.”

Yoshi works with both individual car owners and fleets in Austin, with a growing number of Austin-area employers offering Yoshi subscriptions to their employees as a benefit.

Earlier this year, General Motors Ventures and ExxonMobil led a $13.7M Series A round of funding for Yoshi, which is using the funds to accelerate geographic expansion. To learn more about Yoshi’s services, visit

About Yoshi
Yoshi delivers gas, oil changes, car washes, and anything else your car needs, while it’s parked so you can keep moving. Yoshi’s mission is to keep vehicles moving in the safest, most efficient, and planet friendly way possible, while delivering unparalleled customer service. Yoshi is based in San Francisco, CA and serves metro areas all over the US. Learn more at

Kerry Metzdorf