Cryptocurrency Youtuber, Crypto Crow Launches First Bitcoin Funded Television Series on CBS, CW and Roku in June, 2018

INDEPENDENCE, Ky., May 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cryptocurrency Youtuber and Investor, Jason Appleton, otherwise known on Youtube as Crypto Crow is launching his own television series on CBS, the CW and Roku to over 47 million homes, all of which is being funded by Bitcoin.

In November of 2017, Jason Appleton, a then VP Of Sales for a Mortgage Company launched his first video on Youtube as, Crypto Crow. Within 3 short months, his following exploded to the tune of 70,000 loyal subscribers as Crypto Crow demonstrated how he reviews ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) and showing how he turned a $3,500 investment into over $90,000 in a couple of months. This, mixed with his brutally honest yet charming personality and at times emotional expression of interest to benefit his family and viewing audience helped him garner the admiration of fans on an international level. A sought after influencer by Billionaire Investors to beginners alike, Crypto Crow is building a brand for accomplishing a lot with a little in a new age of finance and innovation and he’s inviting you along for the ride.

Crypto Crow is looking to expand his reach as he has signed an agreement with CBS Television Networks to air 13 episodes of the Crypto Crow Show in select markets as a test market in hopes of spreading nationally.

The first season is scheduled to begin the week of 6/25/2018 on the following networks:

CBS New York WLNY – (7.3 Million Homes)

CW Philly WPSG (2.9 Million Homes), CW Pittsburgh WPCW (1.1 Million Homes) , CW Detroit WKBD (1.8 Million Homes), CW Atlanta WUPA (2.4 Million Homes), CW Tampa Bay WTOG (1.9 Million Homes)  and ROKU (30 Million Homes). Check local listings for show dates and times.

Each episode will feature educational information focused on helping new comers to the Crypto space such as researching, investing and   how to stay secure in their efforts while featuring ICO and Cryptocurrency companies and how they affect the industry.

Episode Topic Schedule:

Episode 1: What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Episode 2: Crypto Security

Episode 3: Exchange Trading

Episode 4: Initial Coin Offerings

Episode 5: Bot Trading For Profits

Episode 6: 1st Gen vs 2nd, 3rd

Episode 7: Swing Trading

Episode 8: Crypto Cycles/Crashes

Episode 9: Crypto Mining Vs. Investing

Episode 10: Crypto Predictions

Episode 11: Passion To Profit

Episode 12: The Future Of Cryptocurrency

Episode 13: A New World Of Crypto

Viewers are encouraged to Subscribe to Crypto Crow on Youtube for unedited content that may not be seen during the television broadcasts.

This will be the first time a Cryptocurrency Youtuber has launched their own television series fully paid for by Bitcoin. All promotional sponsors, features and the like are paid by Bitcoin.

Companies looking get involved with the Crypto Crow Show may email for details.

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