Savvius Spotlight 2.0 Delivers Enhanced Network Visibility

Integrated network and application awareness gives IT professionals focused on network continuity real-time visibility into the answers they need

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., May 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Savvius, Inc., the leader in actionable network visibility, today announced the release of Spotlight 2.0, which gives organizations the unprecedented ability to engage with network traffic generated by key applications. This includes both popular SaaS applications – such as Office 365, Salesforce, WebEx, and more – and custom applications written by in-house application teams. New user-defined dashboards allow IT professionals to quickly view, in real-time, the network segments or traffic types of greatest interest and then, if desired, drill down to packet-level analytics. In addition, Spotlight 2.0’s performance has been enhanced, achieving over 35 Gbps in a 1U appliance with four 10G interfaces.

“Enterprises today are asking more of their network operations teams than ever before. Our focus on tightly integrating monitoring and troubleshooting means that we can empower network operations teams with solutions that are both simpler and more powerful,” said Jay Botelho, Senior Director of Products, Savvius. “When we launched Spotlight in 2017, our objective was to reimagine what monitoring could achieve in terms of speed and actionable visibility. This latest version of Spotlight takes that vision even further, delivering a level of performance, functionality, and customizability previously unavailable to network teams.”

The changes in Version 2.0 build on Spotlight’s ability to assemble every packet of monitored network traffic into conversations that are analyzed in real time. Spotlight 2.0, with the ability to identify popular SaaS apps, now allows users to define, name, and have a network view of any application, including custom applications, that can be uniquely identified by a combination of server port, protocol, and server IP address. This new application identification can be combined with a more flexible filter capability to create an unlimited variety of simple-to-define dashboards, allowing the user to rapidly alter their view to the location or type of network traffic of interest.

New features include:

  • Flexible application analytics for monitoring and troubleshooting of custom and SaaS-based applications;
  • Highly configurable, independent dashboard panels that display content by geographic regions, application type, application latency, worst conversation, and more;
  • Additional information about worst TCP and VoIP quality, such as connections refused, retransmissions, zero window, worst jitter, and more;
  • Added ability to save filters and add “and/or” definitions;
  • Heavily updated Status and Preferences sections covering file indexing, packet storage, and more;
  • Increased Streaming Analytics from 5 streams to 10 streams, ideal for long-term ELK baselining and trend analysis, etc.

“More and more applications are being deployed by enterprises both on-prem and in the cloud. Using network analysis to monitor the end-user application experience addresses a critical visibility need that can help IT teams proactively manage network performance and fix problems fast,” says analyst Shamus McGillicuddy of Enterprise Management Associates. “Solutions that can analyze the massive amounts of data running across the network and through these applications, and help organizations isolate problems quickly, will increasingly become a vital capability for the network operations team.”

Savvius Spotlight 2.0 will ship worldwide in Q2’18 in new versions of the Savvius Omnipliance Ultra and the dedicated ultra-high-performance standalone 1U Savvius Spotlight Appliance. For more information about Savvius Spotlight, Omnipliance Ultra, and the Savvius Spotlight Appliance, please visit or contact

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