NomNomNow Raises $13M in Largest Industry Investment to Date

The Future of Pet Food Looks Pretty Human

SAN FRANCISCO, May 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NomNomNow, the leading provider of fresh, custom-portioned vet-formulated meals for dogs, announced today that it has raised $13 million in funding with participation from Bullish, CircleUp,, Tandem Capital and Greycroft among others, making it the largest investment to date in the direct-to-consumer fresh pet food category. This financing includes $10 million in Series A funding, and a previously unannounced $3 million seed round.

NomNomNow delivers personalized pet meals made-to-order with the freshest, restaurant-quality ingredients. The meals are gently cooked each week in the company’s own kitchen, individually portioned, tailored to meet the specific nutrition needs of each dog, and delivered ready to serve. To date, NomNomNow has served millions of meals across the 48 contiguous states.

“Pets are seen as part of the family, and owners want to make sure their dogs are getting the best food possible,” said CEO and Co-founder Nate Phillips. “NomNomNow is setting the new standard for how pet parents will feed and care for the long-term health of their pets. Just like humans, better food means better health and a longer, happier life.”

The company will use the new funding to expand operations and production capacity across the U.S., invest further in data, proprietary software and product development, and make key hires to support its rapid growth.

“The $30 billion U.S. pet food market is dominated by manufacturers that focus far more on making the retail trade happy, than they do on better serving the needs of the pets themselves," said Michael Duda, Managing Partner, Bullish. "Our consumer surveys revealed a strong indication that owners don't view their dogs as pets, but rather as members of the family. NomNomNow tailors to the individual needs of dogs and makes fresh-to-order food in its own kitchens. In a world where organic and natural foods are growing rapidly, this phenomenon will be expanding beyond us humans.”

NomNomNow is the only made-to-order fresh pet food company with its own U.S.-based 100 percent dedicated facility, ensuring the highest degree of quality control.

"NomNomNow has consistently set the bar for best-in-class pet nutrition and food production. The company’s focus on ingredients, process, and operational excellence, plus their unique pre-proportioned servings, and veterinary nutritionist-formulated recipes have created a product that dogs and dog owners love, which continues to be validated by their impressive growth and metrics," echoed Tom Gieselmann, General Partner of and NomNomNow board member.

NomNomNow collaborates with leading board-certified veterinary nutritionist Dr. Justin Shmalberg, Chief Nutrition Officer, to develop its recipes using restaurant-grade, real ingredients. The company currently offers five fresh choices including high protein, vegetarian, and grain-free options.

“Kibble was born from convenience, and not from scientific or clinical evidence that it was the best option for pets,” said Dr. Shmalberg. “Owners and veterinary professionals are asking for fresh products for the wellness of their pets and to address a range of health issues, including obesity, which is why we are offering a product that is personalized to meet the unique needs of each dog eating our food. Our meals are cooked throughout the week and personalized portions are packaged down to the gram using a proprietary algorithm that analyzes each dog’s size, age, breed, activity level, target weight, and allergies.”

NomNomNow is experiencing remarkable success, with thousands of customers and 650 percent growth between December 2016 and December 2017. The company attributes its growth to a focus on real food, health outcomes and great service. NomNomNow’s unique manufacturing facility enables delivery of truly fresh food that is made-to-order, ensuring the freshest possible pet food product on the market today.

About NomNomNow

Founded in 2015 by a team of animal lovers, NomNomNow crafts and delivers fresh, human-grade, personalized home-cooked meals for dogs that help them live happier, healthier, and longer lives. Formulated by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist, NomNomNow’s meals are made with restaurant-quality ingredients — no artificial preservatives or fillers — and portions are optimized to provide dogs with the ideal balance for their weight, age, activity level, breed, and health issues. Meals are cooked weekly in the company’s local kitchen, individually portioned, and arrive fresh not frozen, at your door ready to serve. For more information, visit

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