NEW YORK (Consensus 2018) , May 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 8base today announced a collaboration with Science Blockchain to help expand its no-code development platform, tools, and ecosystem among businesses worldwide pursuing digital transformation. Science Blockchain, founded by Science Inc., is an incubator that is building a portfolio of blockchain- and cryptocurrency-related businesses to position them for long-term success. As part of the collaboration, Science Blockchain will support 8base with strategic and operational guidance and resources.

“Digital transformation is a top priority for businesses worldwide, yet it is one that they too often lack the software development skills to deliver on,” said Greg Gilman, Founder at Science Blockchain. “We find 8base uniquely compelling because it is employing the latest blockchain-based technologies to close this massive gap. We believe that Science Blockchain’s capabilities will augment 8base’s strong team and innovative solutions to rapidly unlock the $2 trillion digital transformation market.”  

8base’s first solution, the Serverless Chassis, provides experienced developers and non-technical “citizen developers” alike with a set of advanced technologies and tools to quickly and easily develop enterprise-class software applications -- all without writing a line of code. 8base features native integration with various blockchains, allowing its users to integrate advanced capabilities into their applications while also maintaining a clean, modern user interface. 8base also incorporates a secure, built-in enterprise-grade hosting environment to minimize the cost and speed of deployment.

“We are honored that Science Blockchain has selected 8base to benefit from the skilled guidance and support that will help us further strengthen our solutions and scale the business,” said Albert Santalo, founder, and CEO of 8base. “While blockchain-based technologies proliferate, 8base’s mission is singularly ambitious: to advance global business by removing the software development constraints that are impeding digital transformation. Realizing this potential requires 8base to align with the best partners in the industry, which Science Blockchain certainly represents.”

About Science Blockchain

Science has been helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses for more than six years, during which time it has funded or founded more than 85 companies, and has had $1.3B in aggregate portfolio company exits. Science Blockchain, the first incubator in the world to be funded by its own tokenized compliant securities offering (token: SCI), intends to continue this history of successful company building by helping incredible blockchain entrepreneurs create and scale the software giants of the next century. We do this in three primary ways: 1) incubating promising early-stage blockchain ventures, 2) engaging on a very limited and selective basis, with companies looking to take advantage of the possibilities presented by tokenized economies, and 3) investing in compliant private offerings of blockchain businesses. The unique token structure of SCI allows us to distribute 70% of the total tokens that Science Blockchain receives through our incubation and investment strategies directly to the SCI token holders. For more details, please visit

About 8base
8base provides a no-code technology platform, toolset, and ecosystem to transform the way companies develop and run software. Its open, extensible platform, powered by the blockchain, harnesses development talent to create a network effect that accelerates the speed to market and positive business impact of robust new software applications. 8base unites the entire world of software authors, contributors, and users in a thriving ecosystem.

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