Innovative Approach Helps Reno Lure High-Growth Companies

City uses intent data from Bombora to find startups interested in expansion, relocation

NEW YORK, May 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cities that want to attract high-growth companies for their energy and job openings now have a new tool. Bombora and the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, aka EDAWN, announced today that Reno, Nevada, has used Bombora’s data to find startup companies that are thinking of expanding — and a number of those companies are now considering Reno offices and headquarters along with other competing cities.

Bombora studies the topics that 2.8 million companies research on 3,500 business-oriented sites (including, business news and analyst sites). As topics gain interest among employees at particular companies, Bombora informs customers who sell products that address those interests.  This is the first time that a region has used the data to find startup companies who show interest in new locations.

“When I talked with Bombora Cofounder Rob Armstrong about what his company does, I realized that we could use this technology to identify startups that are looking to relocate,” said EDAWN Entrepreneurial Development SVP Doug Erwin. “Although we had tried social media ads, landing pages and Facebook, we were getting nowhere. But when we started using intent data, people responded. Some even told us, ‘Hey, it’s great to hear from you — we were just considering relocating.’”

Using a combination of Bombora’s data and an existing email list, EDAWN prioritized 2,800 businesses that Bombora had discovered as the best targets. After EDAWN reached out, those emails turned into 26 active leads, of which six have actually visited Reno. A couple of those prospects seem likely to establish offices in Reno, according to Erwin.

Ario CEO Brian Hoskins is one of the executives who hadn’t considered Reno until Bombora saw indicators that his company may expand soon. When Erwin reached out to Hoskins, Hoskins was intrigued. “I was happy to receive Doug’s email — it was certainly timely — and have been happy as well that Doug has made some very helpful business introductions for us. We’re not yet sure where we’ll open our new office, but Reno has certainly moved toward the top, whereas before Doug and Bombora, it hadn’t been on our list at all,” Hoskins said.

“If you want to attract the next Amazon, you need to use the kinds of tools Amazon uses,” said Bombora’s Armstrong. “Usually B2B brands use our data for sales and marketing of products, but this use shows its versatility.”  

This story appeared first in MediaPost.  

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