LAS VEGAS, May 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- IADOWR COIN (IAD), deployed April 30, 2018 on the Ethereum-20 Blockchain and is currently in the final two weeks of its bonus-driven, Token Generation Event (TGE). A dynamic, pre-minded, token, IAD brings utility to the forefront, with its game-changing approach to the insulated world of fantasy sports and sport (betting).

On launch, IAD announced the integral partnership with Own The Spread (OTS), an integrated fantasy sports and major league sports-gaming platform, powered by the world’s most sophisticated sports prediction algorithm, KIP.

How the IAD Coin works: Internal/External
There are two principal ways to earn IAD:

  1. Pay to play - buy coins on one of the many verified exchanges.
    - Learn how to buy IADOWR COIN on YouTube:
  1. Play to play - participate to earn the coin by playing free fantasy sports.

Play to Play! Earn IAD in 2 Easy Steps

First Step: Register for a FREE Account at (OTS)

Second Step: Effort = Reward
Once a user has their FREE OTS account, they can acquire IADOWR COIN in multiple ways such as:

  • Spin the digital Wheel of Prizes (one spin per day allowed)
  • Play free fantasy sports contests
  • Share news of IAD through social media: tag @IADOWRCOIN #IADOWRCOIN and be rewarded
  • Be an IAD Volunteer

Ultimately every user may earn coins through their personal participation.

Want more? Step 3
You’ve earned some IADOWR (IAD) COINS - now what? 

  • Earn More - invest your IAD in the OTS Fund
  • Play - visit the OTS Lobby for a multitude of games (and win more!)
  • Cash Out - convert IAD to other currencies (ie., USD, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.)

Earn More - watch your coin base grow by participating in Own The Spread’s internal fund, OTSF. OTSF earns money every day by using KIP's algorithms to make wagers and manage the pool.  Created to self-operate, OTSF is a true, decentralized structure that distributes profits from its activities weekly to participants in the form of IAD COIN.

Play - and win more coins!
Use winnings and earnings in KIP's lobby. Many fantasy players have a secret​ ​formula for predicting a game and Own The Spread is just the place to put it to the test against K​IP's AI sports prediction algorithm. Alternatively, a player can simply use KIP's knowledge base to participate in one of the many fantasy games.

IAD and OTS making WINNING easy.
At no point has the user ever shelled out any real money and is at no point gambling, yet they are able to enjoy the excitement of having the possibility of winning — without the possibility of losing any real money.

When a user wins, they select a percentage of their IAD winnings (ranging between 5% and 95%) to be donated to qualifying charities. Once selected, the user is able to access the IAD customized exchange interface to convert their IAD into other currencies including fiat currencies such as USD.

All transactions are governed by Ethereum Smart Contracts that IAD and OTS deploy on the ETH Blockchain.

IAD and OTS/OTSF with KIP are using the power of KIP to benefit all involved. While actively evolving the way a player approaches sports propositions, IAD, OTS and KIP are turning what is normally a losing proposition into a win-win experience.

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